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Small Bedroom Decor Ideas: How to Work with Less Space

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas: How to Work with Less Space

The advent of tiny homes and minimalism has created a new interest in the need for space and the ways we use it up. When it comes to planning your home or brainstorming certain bedroom decor ideas, you’re going to want to take into stock the room you have to work with.

Not only does the bedroom furniture you pick have to align with your bedroom decor ideas, but they also need to work to enlarge the space you have.

Whether you’re working out the best mattress size for a smaller space or simply trying to pick between a modern or minimalist bedroom, here are our top tips.

Living it up While Living Small

There are plenty of reasons you may elect to have a smaller space as your bedroom - whether you’re moving into your first home, you live in a city where rent gets tricky, or you’re trying to invest in quality over quantity.

Just because you’re working with a smaller space in terms of square footage, however, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on getting yourself the best mattress you can, or finding the exact piece of artwork that pulls your room together. The key to making a space your own is to find things that speak to you and your personal sense of comfort, and that can work however small a space you find yourself in. 

Picking the Best Mattress for a Smaller Bedroom

While the bed is an obvious place to start when brainstorming bedroom decor ideas, choosing the best mattress for your room becomes a very different challenge when working with limited space.

Sacrificing the quality of your mattress for the sake of space in the form of a fold-out couch may seem like a good idea, but you’re going to want to forgo this, and quick. The best mattresses should be able to provide comfort, support, and allow for rest that sets you in good stead for the day ahead of you.

Choosing a breathable, lightweight, and durable mattress with a range of sizing options is therefore critical when it comes to selecting the right mattress for yourself. Memory foam mattresses are a versatile choice for almost any type of sleep position.

Picking the Best Mattress for a Small Bedroom

Climate control capabilities for mattresses like the Puffy Lux are even more important in small rooms - this will ensure your body temperature is regulated through the night, and you aren’t waking up sweating.

Memory foam mattresses like the Puffy are also great when it comes to future clean up, thanks to stain resistance and hypoallergenic properties. While this may seem like it doesn’t matter at the time of purchase, your future self is going to thank you when you’re crouched in your room trying to vacuum and spot clean your mattress efficiently.


How to Transform a Small Bedroom Into a Master Bedroom 

Once you’re convinced you’ve found the most comfortable mattress for your space, it’s time to figure out how you can use your bedroom decor ideas to transform your space into one worthy of a master bedroom.

If you share your space with a partner, you may be looking for ways to create comfort that feels tailored to each person. An adjustable bed frame can be a great addition to a new memory foam mattress, especially since it works to support individual sleeping positions without compromising on the look or feel of the room itself.

Puffy’s adjustable bed frame also comes with massage zones, lighting, and adjustable heights for your own custom comfort. One piece of bedroom furniture, with the potential to transfer a room from just your own to one that is shared and cherished by you and your partner.

Storage solutions are your friend when you’re dealing with more limited space in your room. Whether by using a bed frame that has adjustable height options, or simply investing in a simple and compact modern nightstand, can help reduce clutter and create space in your room.

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas for Small Space

Getting your bedroom decor ideas organized and prioritized can be tough at the beginning, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different ideas you’d like to try and apply to your new space.

Once you find the best mattress size (and the most comfortable mattress for your sleep positions), decide on the style of bedroom furniture you want to settle for, and invest in some key basics that work for your space, getting to live in the master bedroom of your dreams can be an achievable goal, regardless of size.