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The Comprehensive Minimalist Bedroom Guide For Every Decorator

The Comprehensive Minimalist Bedroom Guide For Every Decorator

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of modern living. However, when everyday business starts seeping into our personal lives, it can be a cause for concern. Minimalist bedrooms are a great way to create a sense of calm in the most personal space of your home.

They’re a visual reminder to slow your roll, take a deep breath or two, and disengage from the endless notifications, newsfeed scrolling, and social commitments that are easy to be overwhelmed by.

If you’re looking to hit the reset button on your space, then our guide to minimalist bedrooms can help you get started with setting a plan:

What Is A Minimalist Bedroom?

What Is A Minimalist Bedroom?

Minimalist bedrooms are all about creating cozy spaces with as little bedroom furniture as possible. Bedroom furniture in a minimalist space prioritizes utility and function just as much as aesthetics, making this a great decor choice for decorators who like to have a more practical approach.

When you get started on a minimalist space, start by decluttering your room. This helps eliminate old pieces of furniture or any other belongings you might not be utilizing. You can then work to identify if you’re missing anything you’d like to shop around for - this can be anything from a brand new bed to replacing light fixtures in your space.

Minimalism does come with a few rules. You can forget about those piling stacks of books you’ll never get around to, old childhood trophies, and cluttered work desks that remind you of the office right as you’re trying to wind down for the night. Everything in a minimalist space has a place and purpose, which is what makes this style so unique.

Getting Started: Your Minimalist Sleep Set Up

Minimalist bedrooms are all about finding and perfecting finer details in your space. This includes your sleep setup. Your bedroom should prioritize a good night’s sleep. Make sure you have the best mattress for your own personal comfort and build around this when setting up your own room.

Unlike bohemian or modern bedrooms that focus on big, bold, and elaborate decor statements, minimalist bedrooms focus solely on the basics. A simple, elevated bed frame paired with a mattress you have tested for comfort is about all it takes to accomplish a great minimalist sleep setup. Focus on investing in high-quality products that you’re not going to be running to replace every three years.

How do you know if you have the best mattress, bed frame, or bedding for your space? Some indicators of quality include:

Minimalist Bedroom Colors

Minimalist Bedroom Colors

One of the stand-out features of a minimalist bedroom includes the inviting yet simple color scheme designers use. Minimalist spaces tend to rely on pastel, monochromes, or neutral shades to really call attention to the individual pieces in the space rather than distracting the eye.

Like a little more color in your space? Minimalist rooms that do tend to include a little bit of color can do so by retaining careful balance. Avoid going overboard by including just one or two of your favorite shades in accent pieces across the room.

This rule also applies to any artwork you might want to include in your space. Finding pieces of art that can tie your space together without calling too much attention or being loud is important, especially for a minimalist bedroom, where subtlety is key.

Play With Lighting

Most minimalist spaces have layered lighting that creates a far more inviting ambiance. When decorating your space, use warm lighting that won’t disturb your sleep cycle.

If your bedroom also functions as a home office for some of your days, try to get a dedicated task lighting that you can use to turn off by bedtime. This will work better than trying to brighten up your entire space, which might result in trouble sleeping later in the evening.

Another approach to ensure you keep your lighting minimalist while your sleep cycle remains intact is to let in as much natural light as possible. If your bedroom has naturally large windows, take advantage of this, and use lighter curtains that ensure your body knows it’s time to wind down the same time the sun does.

Final Touches: How To Make Storage Solutions Work For You

Once you’ve settled on the basics of your space, the only thing left for you to take care of is your storage solutions and any extra clutter. Keeping your space organized is a core requirement of maintaining a minimalist bedroom you can really resonate with.

So how do you keep your space looking organized? Using storage solutions that easily integrate with your bedroom furniture is the simplest way to accomplish a minimalist look without living the life of a monk.

For instance, using a bed frame with adjustable height will allow you to store any excess clutter underneath your bed. Another great way to stay on top of keeping clean is to use closet organizers in your wardrobe for extra space that you can compartmentalize easier.

To avoid your minimalist bedroom from looking cold and bare, don’t hesitate to add a personal touch or two. Use pieces of decor that resonate with you to add warmth and customize your bedroom the way you’d prefer.


The simple beauty of a minimalist bedroom is hard to beat. Not only does this bedroom decor style keep your space looking fresh and clean at all times, but it’s also one of the simplest staples to achieve. If you’re someone who’s naturally drawn to elegant spaces, then this style is perfect for you.

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