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Gift Ideas for Mom (And Everyone Else You Love)

Gift Ideas for Mom (And Everyone Else You Love)

Out of all the people you’ll be getting presents for, gift ideas for mom are often the highest on everyone's lists.

This comprehensive gift guide will inspire you to find the best gift ideas for mom, making sure you’re covered for Mother’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays! We also included gift ideas for dads and even ideas for siblings and partners.

The best part of gift-giving at this time of year is making the people you care for most feel special. The best gifts come from the heart, and at Puffy, we think there’s no better gift than comfort. Explore our comfort collection to find the best gift ideas for mom and everyone else on your list this festive season.

Gift Ideas For Mom

Gift Ideas For Mom

Moms are extra special. Their generosity, sacrifice, and unforgettable hugs are priceless, so your mom deserves a great gift. This year, instead of candles, or the latest kitchen appliance, treat your mom to better sleep with these thoughtful gifts. We think the best gifts for mom should be soft, cozy, and luxurious - so we’ve compiled our top picks! Give the gift of incredible sleep to help your mom wake up feeling truly rested and rejuvenated.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Can you remember the last time your mom upgraded her mattress? If not, a new mattress might be the perfect gift for mom. With a plush and luxurious cover, the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is designed to help support the spine and provide extra contouring support to pressure points. If your mom suffers from back pain, arthritis, stiffness, or joint pain - this is a great gift idea.

Puffy Lux Hybrid also comes with a range of other sleep benefits, including temperature regulation and a washable cover. Sleep cool and comfortable all night long, without interruptions like a stuffy room or night sweats. This hybrid mattress combines dual cloud foam and a contour-adapt base - your mom will sleep better than ever!

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Modern Rug

modern area rug is one of the best gift ideas for moms. Most moms are avid home decorators, and no home is complete without a high-quality rug. This comfy high pile shag rug will make a lovely addition that will create a warm vibe in the bedroom or living room.

This rug is available in two contemporary colors, ivory and gray - ensuring it’ll seamlessly integrate into the various home styles. The Puffy rug comes in versatile sizes to fit into most room sizes.

Mattress Protector

If mom is already in love with her existing mattress, help her protect it with the best-selling Puffy Mattress ProtectorUnlike most mattress protectors in the market, this mattress protector doesn’t make a sound - in fact, you’ll hardly notice it’s there. It’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, and has a cooling bamboo rayon layer that is designed to reduce heat retention.

The Puffy mattress protector is available for multiple mattress sizes and protects your mattress from spills, dust mites, sweat, stains, and damage.

Faux Fur Blanket

For an extra cozy, extra plush, extra luxurious blanket, you don’t have to look a lot further than the Puffy Blanket. The timeless gray-ivory tone will suit any style of bedroom decor or bedroom color scheme. The cozy blanket has a dual-feel design with faux fur on one side and luxurious micro-mink on the other, making it comfy from every angle!

This blanket comes in three generous sizes, which is great to sleep with or snuggle under and watch TV in bed. It also works as a throw that can be placed on the edge of the bed or couch for decor.

Soft Bed Sheets

Nothing much compares to the feeling of jumping into a bed with fresh sheets. Bamboo bed sheets are the perfect gift for moms. They are versatile, long-lasting, and velvety soft. In fact, they get softer the more you wash them!

Made of 100% pure viscose from bamboo, these sheets have natural climate-adaptive properties that make them breathable, so they’ll keep you cool and sweat-free in the summer and warm in colder seasons. The puffy sheet set includes a set of flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases. Your mom will be wrapped in soft and silky comfort.

Gift Ideas For Dad

Gift Ideas For Dad

As good as our gift ideas for mom are - here are some meaningful gift ideas for dad that you’ve probably never thought of before. Help dad sleep better and relax more.

Puffy Pillow

Pillows are one of the best gifts for dads because it’s the kind of thing they rarely get around to buying for themselves. Made with every type of sleeper in mind, the Puffy Pillow is adjustable and can be customized to varying heights, so it has that ‘just right’ feeling everyone looks for in a pillow. It perfectly contours the head, neck, and shoulders, preventing the risk of neck or shoulder pain.

The zip-n-wash bamboo rayon cover is a standout feature of this pillow. It’s super-cool to touch, eliminates overheating, and is easily washable. The pillow's special specific fabric blend and polyester blend make it hypoallergenic, which means you can sleep assured knowing that you’re protected from dust mites, bed bugs, or any allergens.

Adjustable Base

If you want to go all out and get a gift for dad that will be unforgettable: meet the Puffy Adjustable Base. This feature-packed base will make all his sleep dreams come true. Wireless remote controls can adjust the back and leg height of the base. Whether your dad wants to watch the game in bed or just relax after work, he can customize his comfort with a few clicks.

Add to that dual massage zones for relaxation! Nothing beats getting a targeted massage before bedtime. Other features include two USB charging ports and a one-click Zero-G position for premium pressure relief.

Gift Ideas For A Sibling

With the holiday season in action, these thoughtful gifts will be great for your siblings, cousins, or friends. Show them how much you care about them by upgrading their sleep experience for better sleep.

Weighted Blanket

The Puffy Weighted Blanket uses gentle pressure stimulation to distribute an even amount of weight across the body that is both comforting and relaxing. Weighted blankets are trending as a natural way to help reduce stress before bedtime. The feeling is described as a hug! Could there be a better gift?

The Puffy weighted blanket comes in two different weights so that you can find the perfect match depending on your body weight. After a long stressful day, this is exactly what you need to unwind and relax.


How does a cuddly comforter that’s as soft as a cloud sound? It’s a gift idea for a sibling that you may be tempted to buy for yourself too. Lusciously comfy, lightweight, and cooling, the Puffy Comforter is a great stocking filler. It’s so easy to wash even your sibling will manage to keep it clean. Simply wash and dry at home!

Additionally, it will easily fit inside a duvet so they can personalize it to their liking! The microfiber filling provides the perfect level of coziness and comfort. Whether it is hot or cold, this comforter is perfect all year round.

Bed Foundation

Nobody likes a squeaky bed frame. If your sibling has one - a metal bed frame is definitely a great gift idea for siblings. It’s super sturdy, assembles in minutes, and can hold a large amount of over 1000 lbs - so you can be sure it’s durable.

The mattress foundation will fit into the bed frame, it provides extra support to the mattress and offers optimal airflow. The best part of the Puffy Foundation is that there is 15” of storage space underneath! It's a practical and durable gift that your sibling will appreciate, especially if they've recently moved.

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Gift Ideas For Your Partner

As good as our gift ideas for

Looking for something extra special for your partner? The search is over! Your partner will be overwhelmed with surprise when you give them what they have always wanted: the comfiest bed in the world!

Puffy Royal Mattress

If your partner deserves the best, the Puffy Royal Hybrid is it! Ten layers of premium memory foam and a contour-adapt coil base offer zoned full-body support. If your partner prefers a soft bounce, this is the mattress you need.

As well as offering unparalleled luxury, the Puffy Royal also delivers on breathability with a top layer infused with cooling gel that eliminates heat retention along with plush comfort like you’ve never experienced before.

Mattress Topper

Apart from buying a new mattress, this amazing product can make your existing bed feel brand new! The Puffy Mattress Topper is a top seller for its comfort. When you’re looking for a few different gift ideas for your partner, the Puffy mattress topper should make the cut!

This is the perfect solution to adjust the firmness of your mattress. It comes in a soft and firm option, so you can make a hard mattress softer or a soft mattress firmer. Your partner can adjust their comfort without changing the firmness of the mattress on the opposite side.

Other Classic Gift Ideas For Mom

If you don’t think your mom needs a sleep upgrade just yet - here are some other classic gifts for mom that she’s guaranteed to love!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy by using an essential oil diffuser has many psychological and physical advantages. Many essential oils have benefits such as promoting relaxation, reducing stress levels, boosting your mood, and even improving focus and clarity. Moms always have busy schedules, but this gift will help ease their days and give them some peace of mind. Essential oils like lavender oil induce relaxation and sleepiness, while lemon oil boosts your energy levels.

Potted Plants

If your mom has a green thumb, adding to her plant collection is a perfect gift idea! You can get her a plant kit or gardening tools if she has an outdoor garden or indoor plants to add more greenery to a home. Even if your mom isn’t big on gardening, a potted plant will make a lovely decor piece! Studies have shown that plants have many benefits as well. They can boost your energy, intoxicate the air by getting rid of impurities, increase humidity, and reduce stress.

Plush Robe

Moms barely find time to relax, but having your morning coffee in a soft plush robe will make anyone’s morning much brighter. These robes are great to wear anytime during the day while lounging in front of the TV or even to sleep in. Many robes also have pockets so that you can carry around your essentials with you.

To make things better, you can pair them with a pair of cozy fuzzy slippers. Treat her feet to something comfortable and soft instead of uncomfortable high heels or work shoes.

Tea Subscription Box

If you have a mom who loves her tea time, nothing will make her happier than a tea subscription box with a wide tea section! Many of these boxes are inexpensive and come with a variety of flavored black tea and herbal tea. Whether she needs her dose of caffeine or wants to relax with a cup of herbal tea, she’ll find it in her gift box!

If your mom is a coffee lover, there are also coffee subscription boxes that you can check out. This is usually a monthly subscription, so a box with a new variety will be delivered to her door every month!


What to get mom for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is all about showing your mom how much you appreciate her. If you have a sentimental mom, consider getting her a personalized gift like a gift box with her favorite chocolates or a mug with a personal note. You can also treat her to a spa day or give her something that promotes relaxation, like a plush robe, essential oil diffuser, or fuzzy slippers!

What to get mom for Christmas?

The holidays are a stressful time, so why not give your mom the gift of better sleep? The best gifts for mom are thoughtful and long-lasting, like a new mattress, adjustable bed base, or a faux fur blanket. This Christmas, get creative and give your mom a sleep upgrade!

What to get mom for her birthday?

Getting the perfect gift for your mom’s birthday will depend on her personality and preferences. For example, a trendy mom may like faux leather leggings, a mom with a green thumb may like a potted-plant kit or gardening tools, while an active mom may want a new yoga mat! Deciding on the perfect gift may differ from one person to another, so take the time to really think about what your mom likes.


When we say there is something comfy everyone will love, we really mean it! Take your time exploring our list of best gift ideas for mom, and we promise she’ll feel the love every single night.

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