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What is a Daybed? How to Style The Newest Bedroom Trend

What is a Daybed? How to Style The Newest Bedroom Trend

If you’ve never heard of a daybed before, it’s time to get to know the latest bedroom trend that’s taking the interior design world by storm. What is a daybed? Ideal in children’s rooms, or as a spare bed, these space-efficient pieces of furniture are the perfect choice for adding comfort without the clutter to your space.

If you’re interested in getting a modern daybed, figuring out how it works in your space is important. Learning how to style a daybed properly is simple.

Here’s everything you need to know about daybeds and how they might be able to work in your space:

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What Is A Daybed?

With three raised sides, daybeds can look and feel similar to a sofa. Most daybeds will fit a twin mattress, which is 38 inches wide, and 75 inches long. Occasionally, you might be able to find a daybed that fits a full-size mattress, at about 54 inches wide, and 75 inches long.

Many interior designers describe daybeds as a kind of all-in-one piece of bedroom furniture. Most daybeds are built to be anywhere between 9 to 14 inches high, while the height of the frame can be as tall as 28 inches.

Unlike regular couches, which can have a depth of somewhere between 22 to 28 inches, daybeds are slightly deeper, coming in at around 38 inches. Many people choose to use throw pillows on their daybeds to imitate the depth of a couch.

The foundations of these beds are usually made of wood or metal. If they’re being used as a multifunctional piece of furniture, most people opt to use innerspring or hybrid mattresses so that they’re able to provide some structure when being used as a chair as well.

Daybed mattresses are an important part of the structure, since they can make or break how comfortable your room gets in the process.

When Should You Use A Daybed?

When Should You Use A Daybed? | Puffy

Modern daybeds are used as multi-functional pieces of furniture in shared spaces. Frequently seen in home offices and spare rooms, these are great ways to squeeze in space for guests who might want to sleepover.

If you’re looking to compartmentalize your workspace, modern daybeds can also be an innovative solution. Taking breaks while you’re on your daybed will allow you to stay focused when you’re actually in the ‘work zone’.

Another way to make use of a modern daybed is as a focal point for a reading nook. Not only are they small enough to tuck into a corner of your room, they’re also comfy enough to lay down or sit up straight, whatever your preferred position. The many creative applications of daybeds make them a fun addition to your space.

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How To Style A Modern Daybed

Modern daybeds are incredibly versatile, which is what makes them so fun to style. Daybed mattresses come in a wide range of styles, from Victorian, Mission, Rustic, & even more Contemporary patterns.

Daybeds with simple silhouettes are usually the best choice when it comes to space-saving furniture, but if you want a modern daybed that stands out in and of itself, you can choose to really double down in terms of the overall style.

Elevating the height of your modern daybed can allow you to experiment with some creative loft bed ideas, and give you the chance to use the space below as additional storage in your space. Stringing some fairy lights around the frame of your bed and keeping things cozy with plants are also a great way to test aesthetic room ideas that are as cozy as they are cute.

Picking The Best Mattress For Your Daybed

Picking The Best Mattress For Your Daybed | Puffy

Choosing the right daybed mattress for your bedroom is important. The first step to getting your daybed mattress right is to choose the right size. Twin-sized mattresses are most typically used as daybed mattresses, though some people opt for full-sized mattresses as well.

Before buying a mattress for your daybed, make sure that it is adaptable to the kind of base you’re working with. Most modern daybeds come with wooden or link-spring slats, and this typically works with most medium-firm mattresses that suits your small bedroom ideas.

Finally, choosing the mattress type for your daybed is going to be an important step to ensuring you stay comfortable, no matter what you plan to use it for. Hybrid mattresses are a great option for this kind of bed, since they provide the comfort and plushness of a foam bed, with all the structure and support of an innerspring model.

When you’re trying to choose the right mattress type for your day bed, reflect on what you’ll be doing most on it. Is it a reading nook? A guest bed? A cot for your toddler? Choosing something versatile will allow you to make the most of this multi-functional piece of furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are daybeds the same as trundle beds?

The terms daybeds and trundle beds are often used interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Trundle beds have an additional mattress that tends to fit beneath the bed. This can be pulled out for guests when needed.

Some trundle beds come with pop-up mechanisms that allow the height of the upper mattress to stay lifted, creating a larger sleep space in turn. Some daybeds don’t come with trundle beds, often including extra storage space instead.

Are daybeds the same as futons?

No, they are not. The main difference between futons and daybeds is that a futon serves primarily as a couch, that can then be extended into a bed by sliding into a different position.

Daybeds remain the same and don’t require any structural changes to be used for sleep. Their high frames allow them to be used as couches or beds with ease.

Can you use daybeds to help with storage?

Yes, you can! Modern daybeds are a great way to implement your bedroom organization ideas, since the bottom half of these beds usually come with plenty of extra compartments to help you organize your space.

Are twin mattresses the same as single beds?

Yes, they are. Both win and single beds have the same dimensions: 38 inches wide, and 75 inches long.

Where can I get daybed mattresses that work for my space?

You don’t really need a special mattress to fit your daybed. If you’ve found a mattress type that you’re in love with, chances are it will work for your day bed, as long as it is a twin (or full) sized mattress.


If you’ve ever wondered what is a daybed before, you should hopefully have a little more clarity now. Regardless of your bedroom decor or your sleep preferences, modern daybeds can be a fun and versatile addition to your space. When you pick out a daybed mattress for your space, trying to keep things comfortable and as functional as possible will allow you to be left with a multi-purpose piece of furniture you’re really going to enjoy.

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