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Sagittarius Sign Season: Why A Bedroom Reset Is Written In The Stars

Calling all Sagittarians! Your star sign is known for its honest, fun-loving, and spontaneous personality, and this year, your birthday month brings some pretty good news - expect positive change and resets in every area of your life, including your home.

People born under the Sagittarius sign find it difficult to stay focused on a single type of bedroom decor style, but their eclectic tastes make for really interesting looks.

Wondering how to upgrade your own star-crossed space? From finding a luxury mattress that makes rest irresistible, to plants that are natural air purifiers, here’s our guide on some of the must-have pieces for the season.

What Is A Sagittarius Sign?

The Sagittarius sign refers to people born between November 22 and December 21. They’re part of the Fire element of the zodiac (along with Leo and Aries), making them loud with big personalities, and their decoration sensibilities reflect just this.

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What To Expect From Sagittarius Season

This season, you can expect growth coming from all directions. The eclipse encourages you to be more conscientious about the ways in which you engage with the world and has you growing in areas requiring generosity, optimism, and openness.

Must-Have Bedroom Decor For Sagittarians On The Hunt

Must-Have Bedroom Decor For Sagittarians On The Hunt

When it comes to bedroom decor you can’t miss for the season, there are a couple of must-haves you need to tick off your list. Here are our top picks:

1.  An Irresistible Luxury Mattress - The Sagittarius sign is known for its love of adventure, but all that running around requires an equal amount of rest and recovery. The right luxury mattress is going to encourage you to catch up on the sleep you deserve while keeping your bedroom super cozy and comforting.

2. Storage Solutions For (Some) Organization - Sagittarians are enthusiastic self-starters, but this can often result in them starting multiple things without ever finishing them.

The organized chaos of their minds can often translate to just plain chaos in their bedrooms - if you struggle to keep clear of clutter, a bed frame with adjustable height can help you designate belongings you’re not using under your bed, keeping your space clean.

3. Using Indoor Plants To Bring The Outdoors To You - Being natural explorers, the Sagittarius sign’s outdoorsy instincts make them naturally gifted green thumbs. Add some indoor plants to your space not just because they look good. Snake plants and aloe have been shown to naturally purify air, making them great for a good night’s sleep.

Sagittarians are true individualists who love expressing themselves in whatever they do. The universe is on your side this month, so go forth with confidence, in your redecoration projects and beyond!

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