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Infographic: Use Your Chronotype To Sleep Better & Get More Done

Do you find that your energy levels peak at different times of the day? Maybe you’re a morning person, or you might even feel more productive in the late afternoon.

Your tendency to feel more alert or sleepy can be explained when you discover your chronotype. Dr. Michael Breusresearch has found four distinct types of chronotypes: bear, lion, wolf, and dolphin.

Once you identify your chronotype category, you can make adjustments to your sleep routine and be more productive than ever!

Chronotypes & What They Mean

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Use Your Chronotype To Sleep Better & Get More Done Infographic by

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Certified Sleep Science Coach

Written by Monica Chinsami, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Monica is a writer who is passionate about the connection between wellness and sleep. She believes sleep has the power to unlock our greatest potential for health and happiness. Topics she's covered range from well-being, to the latest trends in sleep health and bedroom aesthetics. Monica holds a BA in Journalism from Monash University and is a Certified Sleep Science Coach.