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Best Mattress ever!!

We love our cal. king Puffy Mattress! I've had numerous orthopedic procedures done, including 4 joint replacements and several back and neck fusions. It's been extremely difficult for me to sleep at times. We were originally looking at a foam mattress by a competitor, but decided to go w/ the Puffy Lux, based upon lots of online research. We are extremely glad we did. Have never slept as well as I have on this mattress. We paired it with the Puffy Foundation and absolutely love it!

Puffy mattress

The mattress is so comfy i can totally rest here! I use to have back pain while sleeping but with this mattress the back pain is gone!

So great to read your review, Gabriel. We are delighted to hear you are resting better and that your back pain is gone!
Airbnb Mattress

Puffy Lux mattress advertised online as the Best Mattress in 2019. Wanted to give our Airbnb customers a memorable night's sleep, so we tried it for ourselves first. Both my husband and I were impressed after the first night. Both of us have back issues and this provided the, soft but firm, spinal alignment support we needed. Glad we have the waterproof Puffy mattress protector covering it as well. It is not noisey. Takes away the worry out of accidents. This mattress doesn't have the typical memory foam smell. I have a nose too! It's really true. You can sleep on it the first night in comfort. Now we want another Puffy Lux mattress just for ourselves

Thank you for reviewing the Puffy Mattress, Susan. Your Airbnb guests might never leave the bed now that they will be sleeping on a Puffy Mattress. Yes! The Mattress Protector is an excellent choice for a little extra care and constant freshness!
My PUFFY mattress

This mattress has been a true blessing for me I have had to have 4 hip surgeries,4 neck surgeries,a shoulder surgery plus other surgeries,and my husband use to always say I had spent a million dollars on mattresses and pillows,if he was here now he would be spook HAPPY I FOUND the right mattress,I wish I could afford a mattress cover and pillows! But I would recommend this mattress to anyone and have recommended to others through facebook my only means of trying to spread the word of what I think of y'alls mattresses,and most of all y'alls GUARANTEE you can't beat it I don't think,most come with a limited lifetime PUFFY COMES WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!! IMM SOOOOO HAPPY WITH MINE,AND I JUST HAD TO HAVE ANOTHER SERIOUS BACK SURGERY!! THANK YOU PUFFY PEOPLE MAY GID BLESS YALLS COMPANY! I HAVE ALREADY RECOMENDED IT TO 4 OF MY SISTERS AND 3 FRIENDS AND WILL RECOMEND IT LIKE I RECOMEND OUR HEAVENLY FATHER TO ANYONE THAT WILL LISTEN OR THAT ASKS!! THANK YOU PUFFY PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN!!THIS PICTURE IS ALL MOST A MONTH BEFORE MY SURGERY,I WAS SOOO GLAF TO GET IN MY PUFFY FROM THE HOSPITAL!! YALL ARE THE NICEST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!!

Thank you soooo much for your review, Michaela! We love that your Puffy Mattress is helping you sleep better, especially after going through so much. You deserve it!
Amazing Pillows!

I have bought countless pillows over the past year and some of them were quite pricey, but none of them were any good. When we bought our Puffy Lux mattress I figured I would try the pillows too and I am so happy I did! We sleep so much better now, don’t need to fluff our pillows in the middle of the night, and I’ve also stopped snoring!

Puffy Does It Again!

I've been sleeping on my Puffy Queen for over a month. Very soft, comfortable and supportive all at the same time. I was told that due to my new left hip, that sleeping on my left side would be uncomfortable, at best. Well, I sleep on my left side without any issues at all. Very comfortable mattress. So comfortable that I'll be ordering my 2nd mattress for the guest bedroom within the next couple of days. Thanks Puffy!

Thanks, Jim! We loved reading your feedback. So happy to hear that your Puffy Mattress has provided you with the right support.
Love it

This is the 2nd Puffy we have bought, one for each of our (adult) kids. Both of kids love their beds, said they are the most comfortable beds they've been in. Both have back issues from playing hockey, car accident, and the type of work they do. The beds give them both relief from the pain and they are able to sleep through the night.

No more tossing & turning!

My daughter loves her new Puffy mattress and best of all, she’s up on time for school feeling rested and ready for the day! Highly recommend this mattress!

Mary, we are so happy that your daughter is sleeping so good on the Puffy! Thank you for recommending us!
Best nights sleep in years

We needed a new mattress, we did our research and while I was skeptical of a mattress in a box, I am pleasantly surprised at how well I sleep, I wake up pain free most days. You really need to give this mattress a try

Jayme! Thank you so much for your review. We are pleased to hear you are sleeping better and waking up rejuvenated on your new Puffy!
Great mattress

Long over due and very satisfied with our purchase. Bought this one for guest room. Buying another for me now

Thank you for the review, Anthony! We are so happy you love the mattress. Your guests might never want to leave!
Best Sleep Ever

Fantastic mattress! Has held up so far, no more back aches in the morning. Will replace guest room mattress once able 😊

Thanks for the review, August. It is very nice to know that the Puffy Mattress has helped you wake up free from backaches. How exciting that your guests might also get to sleep on a Puffy!
I'm sold! ! !

I have never slept on memory foam mattress before always had the sleep number beds. My girlfriend had a new other brand memory foam mattress. Its was great sleep but little to firm for me. I did alot of research everytime coming right back to the puffy lux! I ordered knowing I could return it within 101 days if I didnt like it. Day 1 I woke up with no pain in my body as I did every morning before. I have slept on this bed over a month now. This is with out a doubt the best mattress ever! Worth every penny and with lifetime warranty you cant lose. I told my mom about this bed and she bought one as well. She could not sleep on her left side for the past 20 years without alot of pain. She now sleeps on her left side every night with no pain. Stop thinking about it and get it. You will not be disappointed. My girlfriend even likes my bed more and she paid more money for her new bed as well. Just do it trust me. I dont want to get out of my bed every morning that's how amazing it is! Next I am going to get the puffy pillow cant wait!

Jeff from Vancouver wa

Hi Jeff! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are so pleased to hear the Lux has helped you create a better sleep experience. It's all about that cloud comfort. You will love the Pillows, let us know what you think once you test them out!
Sleep changing!

After months of not getting restful sleep and hurting every morning when getting out of bed, we decided to try an online mattress. It took us less than a month to realize how comfortable our Puffy is for sleeping and lounging. Glad we tried it, we are telling everyone we know how great it is. Thank you.

Patricia, thank you for the review! How exciting that you are telling your friends about your new Puffy. Thanks for putting your trust in Puffy to deliver amazing comfort.
So comfortable!!

When I had read the earlier reviews, I was skeptical that this mattress was as comfortable as stated. But I decided to give it a try and I’ll never go back to cool mattress again! Right from the first night I noticed no soreness in the morning. It felt great from my ankles to my shoulders and neck. Very, very comfortable!

Thank you for the review, Myron! It's so lovely to hear that the Puffy is helping you sleep better.
Comfort and elegance

We got adjustable base for queen mattress. It was easy to assemble, appears very sturdy, well designed and durable. It is great comfort for long night sleep as well as for short afternoon naps during the weekends.

We love them

We purchased two mattresses not really sure if I would like them. My husband and both fell in love with our king size mattress. We are thinking about purchasing another one for our daughter.

We are pleased to hear The Puffy Mattress passed the test! There's nothing like sleeping on clouds. Thank you for the review!
Puffy mattress

Pretty comfy mattress and good customer service. I have noticed it's not the best for active sleepers that roll alot in there sleep.

Extra bed

Works great for.the day bed, and when the autistic grandson kicks me out of my own bed I know have a better beb to fo to.

Puffy Mattress is Amazing!

I love my Puffy Mattress! I have been sleeping great since I got it. I have been recommending to anyone in the market for a new mattress!

Thank you for recommending us, Ramon! It's fantastic to hear that you love your Puffy Mattress so much.
Puffy lux

Absolutely love this puffy lux mattress! Easy setup and have slept like a dream every night since I set it up!

Thanks for the review, Kyle. We're excited to hear you are sleeping better!
Love it

Havent had better sleep in years. Wake up refreshed with the puffy and not sore
Definitely will get another one! 5 out of 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks for the 5 stars, Sidney! It's great to hear you are sleeping better than ever on your new Puffy.

I ordered the Puffy Lux King Size. At first I was skeptical because it looks very soft but it wasn't, and so after 7 days, we thought of returning it. And then we gave it a couple more days because we read somewhere that we should at least give it a 14-day chance to experience it. And so, we forgot about the 14 days anymore, we were becoming happier with our Puffy Lux. Until now, we are loving it so much! Give it more days and it becomes better and better everyday.

We looooove your feedback, Rich. We are so happy you put Puffy to the test and are sleeping better than ever!
Love my Puffy Lux

I have had my Puffy Lux for about two months now and I can truly say I am sleeping better. It is an incredibly comfortable mattress. I am a petite side sleeper and this mattress is perfect. It has the support but also softness and give to conform to your body. I highly recommend the Puffy Lux. The Puffy Pillow is great too!

So great to hear you love your Puffy Lux and Puffy Pillows! It's hard to beat that cloud comfort. Thank you for taking the time to review Puffy!
Super comfy and helped my back pain

This mattress is amazing! It is much more affordable than the Tempurpedic I wanted, but almost as good. It almost feels a little too soft by itself, but once we put the sheets and everything on, it is the perfect firmness. We are mostly side sleepers, but also sleep on our backs sometimes and it fitted to our bodies perfectly. My husband got up in the middle of the night and I didn't feel a thing. I also have been having back pain lately right when I wake up, but after sleeping on this mattress, I didn't feel any at all!

Sasha, thank you for your review. So glad to hear you and your husband are comfy and pain-free!
Love Puffy Lux Mattress

We love this mattress! We also purchased the foundation too and love it! So glad we make the pick with Puffy! We were having back pain from our other mattress and now we are free of back pain! I would definitely buy another Puffy Mattress again!