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My son's new mattress

My son loves his new puffy mattress. He sleeps better now then he ever has.

Best sleep ever

This has been the most comfortable bed my husband and I have ever slept on! I love the super side beds and he loves the harder than concrete beds.... how could this be so perfect for two complete opposites! Stop reading reviews and give it a try! You will not regret it!


Ahh we love our puffy mattress. My husbands back pain is GONE, I sleep like a baby and even our dog loves it. It's hot and humid outside and we don't overheat when we sleep like we used to! This mattress was the best purchase we've made yet.

Love this mattress!!

Best night’s sleep we’ve had in a long time. Was worried about buying a mattress over the internet but the 101 night guarantee makes it a much easier decision to take the plunge and make the purchase. Will be buying another one soon!!!


Amazing mattress! Definitely worth the money!


The puffy mattress is outrageously comfortable! If you're looking for a fantastic night of sleep, look no further!

I LOVE our Puffy!!!

I was a little sceptical as this was our 2nd "bed in a box" and while I appreciated the customer service of the first one I did not enjoy the bed at all. With that said I am so delighted to be dead wrong about Puffy, I tell my wife almost every night that I love our bed and it's the truth!

Simply Surprised

So far I have had some of the best sleep in a very long time. I have permanent back issues and this mattress so far has help improve my rest and helps me get through the day. I believe we will be keeping it because my husband is sleeping better too. We were never a fan of sleeping on foam because it was hard to roll over or it was too hot. Not the problem with this mattress. It's the easiest foam mattress to move around on and gets quite comfortable once you get still. We are enjoying it. I would purchase another if needed one day.

Awesome bed!

Bought this bed for my Aunt when she was recovering from surgery. She loves it! I love it so much I’m getting one for myself!

Best mattress

Not too firm ...not too soft. Great support, I sleep the entire night right through. I have it on top of a regular box spring for a perfect combination.

Absolute Best!

I have experienced only the best with Puffy and the Puffy Lux. I am not reminded of going to the chiropractor any longer because Puffy contours my body so well. No more sleepless nights. We are so happy to have invested into such an awesome bed!

Love my puffy mattress

I was having restless nights when I decided to buy a better mattress, I have to admit puffy mattress was not my first choice, my bad! It was a popular one where you can push a button and adjust the firmness. I returned it and got charged for returned shipping which is not what I was told just to get the sale. The puffy mattress is a firm not medium mattress like they describe. I however gave it a month and fell in love with it. I even started dreaming again which means deep sleep.

Love it!!

Comfortable and has definitely eliminated our body pains from the day. My husband and I sleep SOOOO much better now! Even our dog loves it.

Love my Puffy Lux Mattress and Puffy Mattress Pad

This mattress and mattress pad are amazing. So soft, yet provides support. I used to wake up with back pain on my tempurpedic - no back pain now! I would absolutely recommend this mattress. I’ll be ordered two more for my children.

Puffy mattress

Love it the best and most versatile and reasonably priced mattress i have ever owned

So amazing...we bought 2!

We purchased a twin sized puffy for my son who is 9. After all of us gave it a try, we decided to order a full sized puffy for our daughters' room. My mom, who has major arthritis pain in her back and joints stayed with us for a month this summer and was amazingly pain-free. Typically she is miserable after a few days without her zero gravity we were shocked at how well she did on the puffy. My husband and I have a tempupedic, which we love, but the puffy is just as comfortable and less than half the price. If you are on the fence about purchasing a puffy, think no more and order today. You will be very happy!


Received my puffy mattress late but Puffy Customer Support was quick and responsive on providing an update on the status of my delivery and contributed two king size puffy pillows for the delay. Hands down recommend this mattress!



Great mattress

This mattress is absolutely great. I have slept so good the last month.

Perfect Mattress

Definitely love my matress so far. My back feels so much better and I am getting better sleep.

Puffy Pillow

I ordered a Puffy pillow last week. I've been searching for the perfect pillow and I found it! One night sleep on the Puffy pillow and I ordered a second one. The best feature of this pillow is that you can add and remove some of the foam in the pillow for the perfect feel. By far the best pillow I've slept on and better yet, it has a lifetime warranty!(as with all their products). I also recommended this to a friend and he purchased.

Puffy Mattress Pad

I bought the original Puffy Mattress in September of 2017, when it first came out and I still love it (even though the new mattress has an added gel foam). I got the Puffy Mattress Pad for referring a friend and it is by far the most comfortable pad I've slept on. It is worth buying 100%. I didn't think it could get any more comfortable until I got the pad. Love it! I recommend Puffy to everyone!

Love our Puffy!

We love our Puffy original so much that we purchased another for our guest room. So far, all of our guests have loved it too, one couple so much that they’re buying one too!

Best night sleep ever!

We purchased our King size Puffy Luv mattress a month ago. After one night sleeping on it, both my husband and I were amazed we both woke up with no back pain. Been the best night sleep ever since! I highly recommend.😊

I Love my Puffy Comforter

I Love my Puffy Comforter it feels so soft like a cloud.