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Fabulous Mattress and Mattress Protector!

I have severe arthritis and this mattress provides excellent support. It is firm and soft at the same time-unique. I get a luxurious sleep--deep and healing. Everyone tries to get their turn sleeping on the family's Puffy. Even our dog who dominates the bed in the daytime. The mattress protector has really proved itself. It adds to the softness of the Puffy mattress, it is easy to put on and take off for cleaning. Our dog has had major slobber and the clean-up was just a wipe with a wet soapy sponge. The Puffy products--> mattress, protector and bed frame are all well-engineered, durable and very comfortable. Bravo!

I love my cloud!

They aren’t lying that this can still feel good even on the floor. Best sleep since day one of the Puffy mattress arrival. As a back sleeper, I found myself sleeping on any position with support, and by the morning I still feel well rested without any back pain. Truly a wonderful experience!

The Key to Our Good Nights Sleep

I really was skeptical about the Puffy Mattress; however, I am so glad we gave it a shot. So far I have not had any issues with my arms falling asleep at night or any sweating issues. I think the first two nights my wife and I slept as good as we have in a long time. The Puffy Mattress Promise of a great nights sleep is absolutely the TRUTH! Our animals love the mattress too. Could not have asked for a better sleep option! v/r/Kevin

I’m impressed.

I have a really hard time as a stomach sleeper to find a pillow that isn’t too hard or soft that causes neck pain and muscle tension. The puffy pillow is a really good balance and so far has been nice and comfortable for me! The cooling part is a bonus and I’m hoping to continue loving it after a few months use. My cats have also been sleeping with me in the bed more. Coincidence? You decide ;)

Puffy Mattress Review

I only have one issue with my puffy and that's I didn't order sooner. Even though the cooling part doesn't keep your body cool like advertised, it is still so far the best mattress I have ever owned. I have only had it for a few months and I'm ready to order another one for my spare room.

We love our puffy mattresses!

We almost replaced our old sleep number mattresses with new sleep numbers but due to poor customer service we switched to Puffy mattresses (king configuration-double twin XL with our existing adjustable bases). We are so glad we got the Puffys! They are way more comfortable and so easy to get in the mail and set up ourselves. We are sleeping so much better with just the right mix of support and puffy! The temperature during sleep has been perfect. The only difficult thing is that when the alarm goes off in the morning it is almost impossible to get up because the bed feels so good!!!

Just The Best

Since I've been sleeping on my Puffy my sciatica nerve pain is gone and my back pain is stable! Suffered with both for too many year and to no end until using the Puffy Mattress! So I say to all of you, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain buy purchasing the Puffy!!!!

Love Our Puffy Lux

We absolutely love our new Puffy Lux King Mattress. It is like sleeping on a cloud. Highly recommend anyone in the market for a new mattress give Puffy a try.

Love this mattress

I’ve had this mattress for about 6 weeks now and I absolutely love it!! I’m about average weight and height for my middle age. The aches and pains I was getting from other mattresses have disappeared. I wake feeling fresher.


We love these mattresses so much that we have bought 3 so far and are probably going to buy one more!

Updated Guest Room

Our guest room bed had always been a hand me down. After our last family visit, we decided our parents deserved a better mattress when visiting their grandchildren. The puffy was an excellent choice. My In Laws prefer a firm mattress, while my parents prefer a softer. The puffy satisfied both needs in a price effective manner. There was some off gassing initially, but it went away within a couple days. The mattress sleeps pretty cool (Texas heat requires) and has the body counter yet firmness we needed. Will replace our own mattress with one soon.

Everything I expected and comparable if not better than the more expensive TempurPedic.

Very very comfy mattress

So this is the next day after I opened the mattress. It is super comfortable. No lingering gas smells. My 3 year old son loves it. He transitioned from a crib. I expected it to be firmer but maybe it hasn’t fully grown yet? It is firm though and soft at the same time.

Premium quality

So I bought two mattress protectors: one from puffy and a top rated one from amazon. The puffy one is much more comfortable and of a higher quality. It feels like the one I purchased for my tempurpedic from Ashley furniture but for a much cheaper price.

Perfect sleep!

I bought a twin mattress for our spare room and our guest slept great this Christmas! Next purchase will be a king size for the Master bedroom!

Love our puffy

We gave it a couple months before rating it. But we love out Matress. It’s easy to get out of the box. It’s so comfortable and partner doesn’t wake up when I get up during the night to use bathroom. My 3 year old sleep with us. We got a king size lux puffy. Get yours today

Love my Puffy mattress

I’m a mother of 3 and haven’t had a good nights sleep in 24 years! Until now. I look forward to climbing into bed each night on my Puffy mattress. It’s firm memory foam is comfortable and supportive! The promise of life changing sleep was delivered!

Most comfortable ever

This us the first time in decades that I no longer wake in the morning with a sore shoulder, hip, or knee. The foundation uniformly supports our Puffy-Lux mattress, the best ever. I actually look forward to going to bed each night.


Hello, my husband and I cant tell you how satisfied and impressed we are with our new Puffy Mattress. It took a couple of nights to get use to it, but we sleep very sound and comfortable. The back ache we both had with the old and very expensive mattress is gone. My husband made the comment that I sleep more soundly and less snoring. LOL
We are very pleased and would recommend this to our friends and family.
Thank you,
Steve & Cathy

A Great Addition!

It breathes well and I feel no heat buildup. I am a hot sleeper. It doesn't seem like that anymore. I love having the added protection. A must buy!

Great Comfort!

This mattress is what everyone says it is. Very comfortable for sleep and when other sleeper changes position, you feel very little shake. I used to wake up all stiff the next day after my workout the day before. Now I wake up refreshed!

Puffy Sleep

We have really enjoyed our new puffy bed. We went with the split king. It sleeps great and my shoulder pain is gone. Our only regret is we couldn’t test the difference between the regular and the lux model. That said...the regular sleeps great!

Firm and soft at the same time

I am 65 years old and my wife is 62. We both suffer with arthritis. Since purchasing our Puffy we are both able to sleep the night without interruption. We are comfortable on our back or side as no position seems to cause our arthritic pain. My comment about both firm and soft is the best way to describe the feeling we get. While you don’t sink in like a feather bed, you also don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a board. The mattress material has the ability to give the right amount of firmness without sacrificing that “cushy” feeling you would get from a feather bed.

Love our Puffy Lux

We sleep so much better after purchasing our Puffy Lux. My husband's back pain is gone!

Comfy PuffyLux

I haven’t slept so good in a LONG TIME! I have had my PuffyLux for a little over a month, and I hope it doesn’t loose its firmness too quickly! Let’s hope for a lifetime of comfy sleeping!!