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Best mattress

I absolutely love my new puffy mattress. I never wake up sore or not feeling rested

Very comfortable

I have a full-sized Puffy Lux with the Puffy protector and pad on the metal foundation, plus two Puffy pillows.

First, the foundation: super easy to assemble, sturdy, lots of room for stuff under the bed, and it DOES NOT move or make noise. I feel like the foundation really made this otherwise expensive bed worth my while. Skirting is a challenge because the mattress heavy and it does move a little, so you don’t want to have to adjust a platform-type skirt all the time. Plus the frame has rounded corners, which is great for shins but eliminates a tailored skirt. I found a ruffled wrap-around with two rows of elastic that grip the frame, and that is working well.

Mattress, protector, and pad: Having slept on this mattress for a little over a month, this aging side sleeper agrees it’s very comfortable—enough to sleep on my back without pillows. If you weigh a lot, you’re going to sink in and maybe flop around like a whale when turning over. The mattress does move a little, even with the grippy fabric between it and the foundation, but not enough that I would call it a problem. The Puffy mattress pad moves around enough that I have to pull the edges back into alignment with the mattress every day when I make the bed. That’s not much of a problem, either, but the pad is already flattened out in the middle and I wonder how long it will last. I appreciated that the sides and top/bottom of the pad are labeled. All the covers—mattress, protector, pad, and pillows—are super soft and well made.

The pillows are great, but it’s true they’re extremely puffy—maybe even too puffy for a side sleeper. I have two, sleep on one and hug the other. One of my pillows was pretty lumpy for a week or so, despite a lot of kneading. I have silk pillowcases for my hair and face, and I find that my head often slides off the pillow. I’m thinking about removing some of the stuffing. It seems like the pillows don’t stay as cool as the mattress, possibly because of the silk cases.



Great mattress!!! I got a king size mattress and frame. I was able to get it in, and put together by myself. It is so comfortable! I recommend it to everyone!!!

Puffy Greatness

Totally love this mattress. Had a nice pillow top prior to this one but still had shoulder pain every morning. I haven’t had it once since sleeping on the Puffy. The cover works well too. I have tried sleeping on the bed with and without it. Cooling and bed support doesn’t change. It’s definitely worth the small cost to protect the bed. I would give five stars for my complete purchase but I was not totally pleased with the pillows. I had to downsize them due to overstuffing and hyperextending my neck. That seems to have somewhat worked but the pillows are now to unstable.

Worth IT!!!!!!

Me and my wife love our puffy! The kids do too and we have to kick em off the bed almost nightly. Do you guys make a puffy kid repellant me

My Puffy Changed the Game

My Puffy has been everything I wanted and more in a mattress. Feels like a cloud but also firm enough for proper joint and pressure point support.

Split King adjustable base with twin XL Puffy

Positively the best purchase we have ever made in bedding. Waking up feeling extremely rested sleeping better than ever.

Picky Husband Gives it an A+

We were skeptical when we ordered the mattress, but after a few weeks of using it, my insomniac husband gives it an A+! We’ve never felt a mattress quite like this one. It’s hard to explain, but if you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you feel like you’re not laying on anything....which is a very weird (but good!) feeling. The only thing I can attribute it to is that there are no pressure points so you don’t feel yourself digging into the mattress anywhere. Anyway, we love it and I highly recommend it for side or back sleepers. I havent slept on my back in years, but with this mattress I am able to.

Great nights sleep

This bed is great. Im coming from a temperpedic. While I like that brand more I have to say that they also cost three times as much without giving you three times the mattress. Getting one for my mom for Christmas

Puffy Lux and mattress pad

We appreciated the company’s 100-day trial period and the advice to not rush to judgement. We purchased the king-size Puffy Lux and the mattress pad. The mattress pad came a few weeks after the mattress and truly added to the comfort. The mattress always felt comfortable but it wasn’t until we were away for a few weeks and came home that we really fell in love with it. It’s a luxurious feeling, cushy yet firm and supportive. We are still in the trial period but are convinced this is a great mattress for us and will be a keeper.

Comfort From a cracker

The Puffy Lux Matress that comes vacuum packed, deliverered in a box, is by far the most comfortable matress I have ever owned. I have always purchased beauty rest feeling it was the best on the market. I felt scepticle until I continued to read reviews. I have never purchased a matress without a showroom trial, but I decided I would order because of the return policy. Almost as soon as I unleashed the matress from it poly holdings it began its transformation. I let it set for about an hour before I tried it. Immediately I was totally amazed, this was both, the softest to touch, and the most supportive matress I have ever owned. The no pressure, ultra support, is just amazing. It does not matter if you sleep on your side or back, I have not found an uncomfortable position.
Cudoo's on this excellent product that so far does not disappoint. Hoping you too can discover the comfort this matress has in store for you.

Puffy Luxe

Love this mattress! Not too firm, not too soft. The packaging and ease of set up was also super convenient. I would highly recommend!

The Best Mattress We've ever had

We bought this mattress based on all the great reviews and I can now verify that those reviews are all true this is the most comfortable mattress we've ever slept on.

Very happy customers

After considerable internet searching we purchased a king size Puffy Lux. This was a replacement for our 20 year old Sleep Number bed. We are using the Sleep Number platform on our bed frame and just added the Puffy mattress on top. We have now had the Puffy mattress for about 3 weeks. On the Sleep Number bed my husband had his side very firm and I liked to nestle into a depression on my side. We are both finding total comfort on our new Puffy mattress. My only negative comment is that we also bought the mattress protector which still has not arrived. Thanks to Amazon I found another king size mattress protector to use for now. The mattress is somewhat firm, yet has a plush comfy top.

So very Comfortable

I now sleep so comfortably without any backaches, dead limbs or sore hips. I have to say I now have the best sleep I've had in a long time. I suggest that you get a box spring as well to give it more height and to be able to tuck your sheets in. My frame needs it. Love it - buy it!

My bf and I love our new puffy mattress!! We recently stayed in a hotel with a nice king mattress. When we came home we realized how awful our mattress was. Three days later we purchased our puffy and I’m so happy we did! I was afraid it was going to be too soft for me, but after a few days I realized it was just right! I’m so glad we settled on a puffy after our research!

First foam mattress.
Great product!

Month in and loving our Puffy Lux mattress

Very comfortable mattress! We purchased a Puffy Lux after reading reviews that it is ideal for OA and back suffers, and we haven’t been disappointed. Getting in and out of bed doesn’t disrupt anyone’s sleep.


Less aching with the our new puffy mattress. Love it

Love my Puffy

I received my Puffy mattress 4 weeks ago. I got a new pillowtop mattress last year and it was terrible. I slept poorly and my back always hurt. The very first night with my Puffy mattress I slept through the night, no tossing. It has been that way ever since. It is such a relief to continually get a good night sleep!

Beyond pleased!!

Let me begin by saying that I have had sleep problems for quite some time. I began using the an app to track my sleep cycle in order to gauge how well I was sleeping, and discover if I could improve my sleep quality. Prior to purchasing my Puffy mattress, my average sleep quality was between 50-60%. After discovering this amazing gift from the heavens and finally gathering the courage to make the investment, I could not have been more satisfied. Not only did my sleep quality improve on average to 70-80%, but I was able to have nights where my quality was as high as 90%. If you are in the edge about this purchase, know that you could not make a better decision! I wouldn't trade this mattress for a million dollars and a like of diamonds!

Puffy Lux

I have had this for about 1 month now and am loving it! it is the best mattress i have ever slept on. my low back is also feeling better than ever!

The Puffy Team is happy to know that the Puffy Lux is the best mattress you have ever slept on.
I love my Puffy!

This mattress is so soft and makes going to bed a luxury!

We are happy to know you are satisfied with your Puffy!
The world's best mattress

This mattress is not only the most comfortable but it really does help control one's body temperature. I no longer perspire during the night but wake up feeling very comfortable and even body temperature. I love this mattress.

We are very happy to know that you are enjoying the Puffy mattress and getting the best rest.

We love our Puffy Lux Mattress from the first night we slept on it. Instant comfort, whole body support & a restful sleep!

We are happy to know you are loving your Puffy!