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Took time.

It took me four days before I got used to the new foam mattress. My old mattress was a sleep therapy and it was almost 15 years old. This mattress I have found my back has time to recover during sleep now. And my neck also where I have pad problems feels better as well.

Love it!

Found a perfect sleep mattress for my partner and I. We both sleep through the entire night and wake up rested feeling great! No more soreness, no more restless nights.

Super Comfortable

I ordered the mattress and cover, they are super comfortable, super cozy, the best part it’s lifetime warranty. Love to buy it again.

Never had a better night’s rest!

I suffered a back injury in football and have struggled with finding a quality mattress ever since. Without a doubt the best rest I’ve had in years. Sleeping better and waking up without a stiff back for the first time in a long time!


So far so good! The mattress arrived on time as stated and this was important because of move out of state. This was a gift and after 30 days “feeling good “ about the purchase.

From DAY 1...amazing

I have spent YEARS with back and neck pain and finally realized that maybe it was my mattress. Sure enough, since NIGHT 1, no more back or neck pain. This mattress is amazing!

One of the best investments you can make

For over 20 years I have had back pain and have lived with pain every day, did not realize how much a mattress could change my every day routine I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has had back pain.

Excellent bed

I been sleeping like I never slept before since I got the puffy bed , very comfortable and my body is been feeling better, especially my back


The mattress pad is absolutely is truly amazing. It just adds another layer of awesome and zzz's to your sleep. We love it!!!

The “lux” is real.

A luxurious sleep every night. No more back/shoulder/arm aches. Can sleep on side, stomach or back and be perfectly comfortable.


My Mom is loving her Puffy Mattress and


My son asked my daughter how she liked her new mattress, she replied, “I love it! It’s just like sleeping on a cloud and I set it up all by myself!” Puffy will be my son’s next mattress purchase!

Awesome mattress

By far the best sleep I have ever had. Can't want to purchase the frame to compliment my awesome mattress

Amazing mattress and pillow top

We’ve been a loyal customer to another brand for >10 years, however upon our journey back from living abroad we discovered Puffy. Quality, service and fair pricing immediately captured our attention. Overly pleased with the end to end Puffy experience.

Best matress

This matress is a must buy the best sleep I've ever gotten!! 5/5 stars.

Absolutely great mattress

We are very happy with the mattress! We sleep better and I also had a lot of back ache problems which are feeling better since I sleep on this mattress!

Look no further

Best mattress ever!!! It has been the best decision I’ve made . I’m honestly getting the best sleep of my life . Go puffy !!!!!

Sleeping like a baby!

We love our new mattress and mattress pad. We will be getting one for our guest bedroom too. Only things is....they might not want to leave :)

Best mattress ever!

We got the queen for our guest room & slept on it for a month to see if we liked it enough to order one for our master bedroom. We did & we can’t wait to get it delivered to start enjoying it! Thank you Puffy mattress for being the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept in! Great support along with amazing comfort!

Good sleep

We both love our Puffy Lux bed and are very happy with it. Our dog, Reggie loves it too.

Puffy = Happy

Before buying a new mattress I did monthly research to find a replacement.
For over a month we had a Puffy mattress and we have been very satisfied with the purchase.
The back pain has disappeared, and I feel very rested and happy every morning!

Very comfortable!

I am very satisfied with the purchase of Puffy mattress, and am considering buying another Puffy mattress.

Good Quality

We got this to keep our king size puffy mattress clean. Very smooth and good quality. It's $115 but worth the price.


Only two weeks into our king-size puffy mattress. So far so good. Very comfortable. Highly recommended.

The puffy

very comfortable. I would recommend the purchase.. It is a firmer mattress than I’m use to but the pad makes it feel awesome.. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep but not since I purchased this mattress.. Enjoy..