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10 Ideas Around Bedroom Light Fixtures: Design Types and Styles

10 Ideas Around Bedroom Light Fixtures: Design Types and Styles

Most people put tons of energy into choosing the most comfortable mattress and selecting a color pallet, along with finding the perfect set of sheets. While that’s important, the right mix of bedroom lighting can uplift your entire space.

Bedroom light fixtures are a powerful way to transform your bedroom's aesthetic, so it’s both tranquil and inspiring. When you find the best bedroom lighting ideas and execute them well, you can perfectly synergize the various elements of your room and create a personal haven of comfort for yourself.

But we get it - lighting is not the most straightforward element of design to achieve. Bedroom light fixtures can be overly technical, and for some, having to deal with specifications and fixtures can be confusing.

Here, we provide a breakdown of lighting types, fixtures, and styles to make it easy for you to find bedroom lighting ideas that will help you illuminate your space. Then we’ll inspire you with 10 bedroom lighting ideas that you can infuse to complete your bedroom.

Types of lighting

Bedrooms require a combination of light sources because we use the space for such a variety of purposes. If you live in an apartment, you can probably resonate with working in your bedroom, as well as sleeping and enjoying entertainment.

Before anything else, you need to know how to differentiate the four key lighting sources found in the bedroom: ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. When you know these four, you can intentionally search for unique room decor lights based on what you want your lighting to do for you.

All bedroom lighting idea guides will feature one form of ambient lighting and at least two other categories of lighting.

Bedroom light fixtures & styles

Bedroom light fixtures are basically lights that connect to the wall and holds a socket for the bulb. Fixtures not only conceal the bulb and wiring, but they can also help dictate the directional flow of the light into the bedroom.

As you research bedroom lighting ideas, you may come across various lighting fixtures, including ceiling-mounted fixtures, pendants, and recessed lighting. Below we’ve summarized each of these fixtures for you:

Having a sound understanding of fixtures can supercharge your success when you are exploring new and innovative bedroom light decor ideas.

10 bedroom lighting ideas

1. Modern finish

Modern finish

For a modern decor finish in your bedroom, use accent lighting behind the bed frame to draw attention to your feature wall's unique characteristics. In a smaller master bedroom, such as this one, accent lighting can be used to open up space.

2. Art deco

Art deco

Bring your art decor-inspired vision to life with out-of-the-box decorative lighting pieces like this gold-mounted fixture. The color and shine draw attention and create contrast without overpowering the bedroom. Paired with gold trimmed furniture, this example shows how lighting can be interlaced with other design elements to impact the layout significantly.

3. Soft touch

Soft touch

While some spend a lot of time in their bedroom, others use their room solely as a sleep retreat. Instances like these call for soft lighting solutions that are easy on the eyes and won’t disrupt the sleep cycle. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to incorporate a soft touch into lighting design is to use task lighting like the humble bedside lamp.

4. Pop of color

Pop of color

Some like it quiet, others like it loud. If you’re the latter, then consider installing a shade that is full of personality. This yellow hanging pendant screams character and seamlessly integrates with the many other textures in this design.

5. Hanging lights

Hanging lights

While most opt for one hanging pendant, this boho-inspired bedroom design takes things further. This is an excellent example of how the perfect bedroom lighting solution can elevate the bedroom theme and make it truly unique. The position of the light is ideal as it serves multiple functions. It can be used as the primary ambient light for the room and a task light for bedside reading or relaxing.

6. Nostalgic

 Hanging lights

For a design with some sentimental value, incorporating decorative fairy lights into your bedroom design always tends to make people feel good. Fairy lights can be inexpensive, and they have the ability to add warmth and approachability to design instantly. This bedroom design features larger fairy lights cascading the feature wall behind the bed. Light sleepers or hot sleepers may prefer smaller fairy lights that radiate a subtle glow.

7. Vintage

VintageNothing feels more vintage than a chandelier. Notice how this medium-size chandelier merges old and new to create an inviting ambiance. Vintage decor exudes heart, and the best thing is, it’s a kind of decor approach that doesn’t have a hard and fast rule. When selecting a bedroom chandelier, just ensure it doesn’t hang too low, as this may draw too much attention to the central point of the room.

8. Luxury


Luxuriously designed bedrooms combine function with over-the-top opulence. This luxury bedroom uses tracking lights to send light to various corners of the room. Tracking lights are like positional spotlights that are affixed to a metal fixture. Large bedrooms with high ceilings suit tracking lights best. There is a wide range of luxuriously styled track heads that can enhance the bedroom design.

9. Natural


Natural light is one of the best forms of light. It is easy on the eyes, and it can help you regulate the sleep and wake cycle. To inject more natural light into the bedroom, get yourself a big mirror like the one in this beautifully designed bedroom. Mirrors create the illusion of more space, and when positioned correctly, they can also reflect light into the space.

10. Minimal


Minimal bedroom designs are having a moment. Less is more in this style of decor, and as you will see in this stunning minimal bedroom, a little goes a long way. To achieve a minimal look, opt for a neutral color lamp shade.


We use lights every day, but rarely consider just how important they are and how to design with them. The next time you refresh your bedroom decor, use our list of bedroom light fixtures and ideas to inspire your approach.

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