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10 Clever Small Bedroom Organization Techniques All The Experts Use

10 Clever Small Bedroom Organization Techniques All The Experts Use

10 Clever Small Bedroom Organization Techniques All The Experts Use

Cultivating the perfect sleep experience is impossible if you feel like you are living in a shoebox. But the thing is - space isn’t your most significant issue. It’s what you do with your room that counts.

We’ll help you curate the most inspired bedroom layout with this round-up of small bedroom organization techniques used by the best of the best in the industry.

10. Mattress Size Does Matter

All the experts agree mattress size is a big deal when you have a small bedroom—the art of organizing small spaces centers around selecting the proper size furniture. Since the bed is the largest piece in the bedroom, understanding mattress dimensions is essential.

But how do you even know what size mattress is best for a small room? It depends on what your unique requirements are. If you share the bed, then a twin-sized mattress or twin XL size will not cut it. To save precious floor space and still be comfortable, opt for a full-sized mattress instead of a queen-sized bed. Try to steer clear from a king-sized bed at all costs. King beds are almost always too large for small bedrooms.

If you’re exceptionally tall or love sprawling across the bed, then you can invest in a medium to large size bed, but you will need to make some exceptions with other furniture.

9. Make Your Bed Frame Work

adjustable bed frame, adjustable bed base

Your bed frame can do a lot more than provide a stable surface for your bed. For the best small bedroom organization layouts, the bed frame can be a secret weapon for storage.

Invest in a foundation bed frame if you want 15 inches of extra storage beneath your bed. Taking a multi-functional approach to your bedroom furniture is the first thing you should learn when researching how to arrange a small bedroom.

Don’t fluff around with looking for furniture that won’t serve a dual purpose. You can also opt for a bed frame with drawers and double up your bed as a closet. A bed frame with drawers will allow you to ditch your dressing table.

Interested in organization ideas for small spaces that are luxurious? Get acquainted with an adjustable bed frame. Completely customizable, adjustable bases come with a stack of features that create less need for nightstands. Fitted with soft LED lighting, USB charging ports, and adjustable leg height, the adjustable bed frame helps you save space and sleep in style.

8. Utilize Walls For Storage

Don’t have space on the floor? Use your walls. Wall storage ideas are a godsend for small bedroom organizations. Storage can pose many challenges in small areas, but a few clear wall storage hacks will make all the difference in the room's overall vibe.

There are endless ways to get creative with wall storage. Start with identifying what you want to store or display. For books, photographs, artwork, and souvenirs, floating shelves are the way to go—display floating shelves together like traditional shelving or spaces around the room to offer more contrast.

You might not want to cascade your walls with shelves and art, but instead want to utilize wall storage for accessories, coats, and hats. Traditional hooks, modern wall organizers, and pegboards can all come in to hang accessories.

7. Nightstands With Drawers Only

small bedroom ideas nightstands with drawer

Most people are used to having a nightstand beside the bed. In a small bedroom, nightstands can do much more than just hold your glass of water. Invest in a nightstand with drawers and use it as a storage solution as well as your go-to tabletop for all your bedtime essentials.

Small bedroom organization strategies should never be guided solely by what looks good. Always use small bedroom furniture that will offer solutions to multiple, whether it’s storage or style.

Many small bedroom organization tips will suggest a nightstand with 3 drawers. Drawers can be used to store books, saving the need to invest in a separate bookshelf. Or use it to store clothes and save much-needed room in the closet.

6. Tone Down The Pillows

Piles of pillows have a special kind of charm. It’s hard to resist jumping onto a bed that is lusciously layered with big and small pillows. Decorative pillows are a popular design hack used to tie together the aesthetic of a bedroom. But how about function? Well, too many pillows can pose some issues when you have space restraints.

To make the most of your small bedroom organization plans, make clever choices when it comes to pillows. If you’re like most people, you only actually use 1 - 2 pillows at night, and the rest will end up on the floor.

Only decorate your bed with the pillows you will use to open up space in your room. Any negative space you can create in your bedroom will make it seem more significant.

5. Move The Laundry Basket

The laundry basket is a notorious mess maker. Lugging the laundry basket from the bedroom to the laundry is never fun, nor is the sight of an overflowing laundry basket each morning. When you are on your path towards small bedroom organization bliss, move the basket.

You can put your hamper in the bathroom if you have enough space there, or in the laundry room. Moving the laundry basket does more than save space, it also protects the air quality of the bedroom.

Sleeping close to sweaty gym clothes will impact the fresh scent of your bedroom, making it less inviting.

4. Declutter Often

declutter small bedroom ideas

Spring isn’t the only time you should think of decluttering. Most people dread spring cleaning because it’s laborious and takes so much time to filter through an entire year’s worth of junk.

The best solution to avoid the dreaded spring clean is to make decluttering something you do more often. Even a quick monthly cleanout of the bedroom will help you stay on top of your clutter so it doesn’t clog the much-needed space in your small bedroom.

For seasoned decluttering experts, spring cleaning is more of a mindset than an activity. It’s also a self-care ritual for some, as letting go of unnecessary possessions helps clear the mind. It can also help boost creativity, reduce procrastination, and most importantly, make your small bedroom organized and tidy.

3. No Books Allowed

It may seem a little controversial, but if you want helpful small bedroom organization ideas that create as much space as possible, ditch the books. How many of them are you reading anyway?

People have a bad habit of keeping stacks of books in their bedroom that end up collecting dust. When you try to maximize space, only keep the book you are currently reading in your room, and move your bookshelf into your living area.

This idea is similar to the principles of feng shui. Feng shui bedroom decor ideas can help inspire your small bedroom organization plan. The basis of this principle is less is more, as well as a thoughtful process of selecting what goes into your bedroom. The goal of feng shui is to empower sleep, so anything that doesn’t help you sleep better, such as a stack of unread books, should be moved elsewhere.

2. Create A Dressing Routine

One of the biggest challenges of keeping any bedroom clean is arranging your closet. Stacks of clothes are often the main reason why a room looks messy. But how do you solve the problem? One popular method is to avoid having a chair in the bedroom. Chairs are the modern-day coat rack, which can often start overflowing with clothes, especially towards the week's end.

As you head towards small bedroom organization success, try to create a dressing routine that stops the need to leave your clothes lying around. For example, put your clothes away before you take out a new pair.

You can also take it a step further by arranging your wardrobe in sections so that it’s easy to find and store away your clothes quickly and easily.

1. Hang A Mirror

When used in small bedroom organization plans, mirrors help decorators achieve a big creative impact and offer depth in the design. Mirrors can give the illusion of more space.

Hang the mirror above or around furniture where you feel the decor is too cramped. If you feel like you’ve squeezed your full-sized mattress into your bedroom, then hang a mirror above your bed frame, so space reflects around it.

Ready To Decorate?

Small bedroom organization doesn’t have to be boring! The best part about small bedroom organization projects is that you can let your creativity run wild and shop for furniture with intention and purpose. As long as you cover off the essentials like the most comfortable mattress type and size and multi-functional storage, you will be able to personalize your room precisely the way you like it.

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Your Turn...

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