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5 Cabin Decor Ideas To Try: Recreate Your Perfect Getaway At Home

5 Cabin Decor Ideas To Try: Recreate Your Perfect Getaway At Home

When you think of the perfect retreat, you might envision getting away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and cozying up in a cabin. An idyllic getaway close to nature may not be feasible every weekend, but what if you could bring it to your bedroom? Incorporating cabin decor elements is the perfect way to turn your room into the haven you dream about escaping to.

Transforming your room into a rustic dream isn’t as tough as you might think. For starters, you definitely don’t need a cabin or cottage; you can easily achieve the country-inspired, homestead look in your own bedroom.

Here are some of our favorite cabin decor ideas to help you create the ultimate cabin bedroom.

5. Warm color palette

When you envision cabin decor and the interiors, you might picture warm interiors with hardwood floors, wooden panels, and furnishings in brown and ivory. While you can certainly install hardwood floors and panels in your room, it may not be the most cost-effective solution. But the trick to creating a warm and inviting environment is all in the color palette.

To capture the essence of a cabin, your color scheme should ideally be warm-toned. But you don’t have to limit yourself by only opting for neutrals, such as cream, ivory, and brown. An effective way to make your room

Warm color palette | Puffy

cozier is to incorporate warmer shades, such as mustard, orange, and even pops of red. The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to overdo the colorful accents so that it doesn’t risk losing its cabin-inspired feel.

An alternative to this cabin decor idea is to opt for a minimalist approach by keeping the colors mainly neutral. This way, you can avoid switching up your floor or installing wooden paneling on your walls.

4. Mix patterns and textures

There’s a right and wrong way to mix patterns, which can make the idea of doing it all the more intimidating. But when done correctly, it’s actually an effective cabin decor idea that can help you create an ultra-cozy bedroom.

First things first, establish your color scheme. Otherwise, you run the risk of overcrowding your room with incohesive elements. As you start introducing patterns, it’s essential to work with your color scheme.

For a bohemian-inspired cabin bedroom, add a statement Persian or Moroccan rug. These rugs are known for their 

Mix patterns and textures | Puffy

bold colors and designs, and they pair well with a warm-toned color scheme. You can complement your rug by opting for jewel-toned throw pillows and blankets.

When layering textures, the best place to do so is your bed. Layering different types of fabrics on your bed can help you achieve that lived-in look you might find in a cabin. Achieving this cabin decor idea is easy, too. All you need to do is layer a faux fur blanket or a patterned throw on top of your bedspread.

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3. Keep it ‘hygge’

If there’s one word to describe the feeling of escaping the clamor of city life and holing yourself up in a cabin, it’s hygge. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah,’ hygge is a Danish word that refers to the general feeling of contentment, togetherness, and well-being.

Though it can’t be translated into a single word, it essentially means that you feel good when you’re enjoying the simpler things in life, such as nature, spending time with your loved ones, and indulging in your favorite comfort food.

Keep it ‘hygge’ | Puffy

The best way to transform your bedroom with cabin decor is to incorporate the concept of hygge into your life. Many ordinary things can help you achieve this feeling, including fuzzy socks, candles, fur blankets, comfortable pajamas, and curling up under the covers with a good book and a warm drink. To kick things up a notch, you could also create the illusion of a makeshift fireplace by playing a relaxing video of fireplace sounds in the background.  

In addition to adding these elements to cultivate the feeling of hygge in your room, you should also consider if your furniture is fit for the job. For instance, a mattress size that’s too big for your room can instantly take your room from cozy to cramped. To pick the right mattress dimensions, it’s imperative to measure your room and do some research about the different mattress sizes.

2. Plant a window box

Retreating to a cabin means embracing the best of nature, and you can easily recreate that in your home with this cabin decor idea. A window box is a planter that you can place outside your bedroom window sill for growing plants.

Over time, you’ll find that your window box is blooming with foliage, evoking a similar sense of being surrounded by nature in a cabin. Planting a window box is also a great introduction to gardening if you’re just starting out.

Before you set out to plant a window box, measure your windowsill to ensure you find a box that fits the dimensions.

Plant a window box | Puffy

The next step might arguably be the most fun one — picking out the plants. To add some dimension, incorporate an interesting mix of plants in different sizes. Depending on the size of your box, you should easily be able to fit between four to ten plants.

1. Add log cabin decor details

Cabins have a distinctive look that’s a cross between shabby chic and rustic. The easiest way to achieve this is by stimulating interest with a variety of cabin decor. When you think of cabin decor, many different things might come to mind, including animal motifs, statement chandeliers, wooden furniture, and perhaps even antlers.

In addition to finding pieces that complement your chosen color palette, don’t be afraid to take a few risks. The key to achieving a bedroom that genuinely looks and feels like a cabin is making some unexpected choices.

Add log cabin decor details | Puffy

When choosing the decor, try to find vintage pieces and opt for designs that include symbols of wildlife, mountains, and trees. Ultimately, the defining characteristic of any cabin is the use of natural elements, so embrace antique finds and textured upholstery fabrics.

Even if you’re cooped up inside your own home, dreaming about a cabin getaway, the right decor ideas can help you transform your bedroom into a dreamy sanctuary. Though it may not necessarily compare to a cabin that overlooks Lake Tahoe, your newly transformed cabin bedroom just might be a close second.

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