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Timeless Bedroom Colors and Inspiring Decorating Tips

Timeless Bedroom Colors and Inspiring Decorating Tips

Color is arguably the most integral part of bedroom design. The right combination of color sets the mood, adds personality, and adjusts the room's visual temperature.

More surprisingly, certain bedroom colors can even help you get better sleep. Selecting a perfectly balanced palette for your bedroom color schemes can be simple when you have a clear vision of the style of room you want to design.

We are laying out three of the most timeless bedroom color ideas that work beautifully with trending bedroom decor themes.

These color combinations are ageless and approachable enough to integrate bedroom furniture and other interior accents without stealing the show.

Use these hues to synchronize colors and create an inviting bedroom aesthetic seamlessly.

Modern Bedroom Colors

Modern Bedroom Colors

Modern bedroom decor is refined, refreshing, and perfect for rejuvenating sleep in every season. To achieve a modern bedroom design, bedroom paint colors need to be rich and deep. Think bold, not bright. The best bedroom colors for modern bedroom design are neutral colors such as shades of gray, white, brown, and black.

A neutral backdrop of paint in a modern design sets the scene for luxurious layers of furnishing, bedding, and drapes to complete the design with a finer touch of elegance. Bright and loud colors will clash with the classic tones of modern decor.

The best thing about modern hues is that neutral is easily adaptable. While bold colors play against design accents, grounding neutral colors are easy to dress up and down. Better yet, you won’t have to pick up the paintbrush again, even if you decide to redesign your room.

This color palette also works well with minimalism and contemporary bedroom decor.

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Coastal Bedroom Colors

Coastal Bedroom Colors

Bring the calming beauty of the ocean into your bedroom with coastal themed bedroom design. For many people, the seaside evokes calming vibes and relaxation. No wonder it’s one of the most trending master bedroom trends of 2020. If taking refuge in a coastal-inspired room after a long day of work sounds like a dream - maybe it’s the bedroom decor style for you.

To achieve a seaside feeling, calming bedroom colors such as light blue, beige, white, and touches of green work together to create dreamy serenity. Many coastal bedroom decor concepts take the literal ‘sea’ route with cascades of shells, stars, and several displays of blue and green hues. Other coast-inspired interiors focus on recreating seaside feelings with a light and airy design.

Regardless of your coastal design preferences, these bedroom paint color ideas will help you find coastal calm. Blues, sandy beige, bright white, and natural green come together as comfortably as the ocean and sand on a breezy shore.

Calming bedroom colors in coastal design should always be natural, reflecting the water's actual shades, as well as sand, shells, and surrounding greenery.

This color palette also works well with nautical and Mediterranean bedroom decor.

Bohemian Bedroom Colors

Bohemian Bedroom Colors

Bohemian decor, more commonly referred to as ‘boho’ is an amalgamation of creative flair and flamboyant personality. The term originates from the French word bohémien, which describes nomadic gypsy culture. Boho design is free-thinking, bright, bold, full of texture, and intrigue.

Bedroom colors for boho decor are bright and can break the traditional rules of bedroom design. The best bedroom colors for a boho theme can range from bright yellows to pink, pastels, blue, earthy greens, and contrasting Aztec textures that fuse and spark eccentric charm.

The best bedroom paint colors for a boho-inspired bedroom decor need to strike a delicate balance between free-spirited fun and functional purpose. While bright bedroom colors may seem appealing, getting carried away with color might impact sleep quality.

Loud colors such as red, bright pink, purple, and bright orange can stimulate receptors and create alertness instead of calmness. This alertness can kickstart difficulties with falling asleep, which is the opposite of what bedroom design should aim for.

When planning your boho bedroom color schemes, aim to theme the wall design with a creative, yet sleep-inducing color like yellow, white, or light blue. You can then add layers of accents such as rugs, pillows, throws, plants, cushions, and wall hangings to bring your bohemian vision to life!

This color palette also works well with cultural and casual bedroom decor.

More Bedroom Elements

Once you have a good idea of your bedroom's style and color schemes, take a quick look at your furniture. Is it helping you sleep better? Most people are surprised when they are reminded that over one-third of life is spent resting in bed.

Bedroom design is unique to other interior pursuits because impressive looks are just one part of the puzzle. A bedroom can’t just look good; it has to feel good too. Investing in a quality mattress such as a memory foam mattress, or a foam mattress blend, such as a hybrid, will guarantee incredible sleep in any type of bedroom design.

Whether you are a luxury bedroom decor enthusiast, casual ocean buff, or free-thinking creative boho explorer, the perfect bedroom colors and the best mattress will guarantee sweet dreams.

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