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Use His or Hers Master Bedroom Decor Idea To Inspire Your Next Redesign

Use His or Hers Master Bedroom Decor Idea To Inspire Your Next Redesign

Use His or Hers Master Bedroom Decor Idea To Inspire Your Next Redesign

He wants black. She wants white. She’s a minimalist, and he’s digging industrial decor. How do you find a happy medium in the design aspects of a relationship?

The biggest challenge of master bedroom decor is making sure both the king and queen of the house have their style and comfort needs represented in the bedroom.

The his and hers concept has transitioned from fashion to decor, and we're here for it! Many interior designers are dreaming up cute and functional layouts that allow couples to enjoy independence in the bedroom, even though they share it.

Looking fancy is just one aspect of the design. Bedroom decor is uniquely positioned because the layout of a bedroom has quite a few boxes to tick. Storage, relaxation, style, tranquility - the list goes on. Bedroom design demands a lot of attention - but it should always be approached with one main objective: better sleep.

There is more to love about his and hers master bedroom decor than just how adorable it looks. With 61% of Americans currently sleeping worse than ever, bedroom design is under the spotlight - and it has to do with health.

Current world events are making people think critically about sleep health, and some are recognizing that a few changes in master bedroom decor can be a real catalyst for better sleep, and inevitably, better health.

When marrying different master bedroom decor tastes and relaxation preferences, starting with the essentials is key. Once the bedroom design non-negotiables are in order, it’s then easy to go crazy with personal accents and design a master bedroom that you both love spending time in - when enjoying time together, as well as alone.

His Master Bedroom Ideas

His Master Bedroom Ideas

Men value luxury just as much as women. Most masculine bedroom decor ideas tend to focus on dark and industrial finishes - but it’s best to keep things light.

Many modern master bedroom decor style guides for couples emphasize natural light, soft tones, and nicely curated comfort products that are conducive to sleep. A key distinction in master bedroom decor for him is that less is more - clean lines and colors that flow are standout requirements.

Slimmer wardrobes and fewer accessories are what men bring to the design table, so storage isn’t a huge concern for his bedroom design. But there are other things to consider! Put comfort, style, and cooling high on the checklist to perfectly synergize his and her design for a truly tailored master bedroom layout. 

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With over 65 percent of Americans experiencing back pain every year, a highly supportive mattress is a must-have piece of master bedroom furniture. The best mattress for couples who value features such as edge support and motion isolation is a hybrid mattress.

Many consider hybrid mattresses as the most comfortable mattress for couples because each partner can feel the body-adaptive benefits, no matter how they sleep. Hybrids combine the benefits of springs and memory foam so guys can expect exceptional pressure relief. 


There’s no doubt that neutral tones such as gray, white, beige are well-suited master bedroom colors for men. Styling the room with these tones by using cushions, artwork, lined curtains, and other accents will help balance both roomies' styling preferences.

An upholstered soft headboard bed frame like the Puffy Bed Frame or modern remote-controlled Puffy Adjustable Bed base will add an industrial feel without compromising luxury and comfort. A spacious side table is another perfect style addition for guys - the phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials are unlikely to get lost again!    


If kicking sheets and temperature control is an issue - these genius master bedroom decor hacks can regulate temperature easily. A mattress protector is one way to keep things cool between the sheets while also protecting the mattress against stains and allergens.

The best mattress protectors have cooling features that help the mattress's surface stay cool and help reduce heat retention in the mattress, which is often the key reason people sleep hot! For extra cool nights and the ultimate bedroom set that will guarantee the best airflow, shop around for the best cooling mattress

Her Master Bedroom Ideas

Her Master Bedroom Ideas

Most women would agree that stepping into a luxurious master bedroom with perfect storage, a fully equipped wardrobe, and a lusciously inviting bed is just the right way to end a long day. The top three essentials for her in the bedroom are storage, color, and comfort. Here are a few tips: 

Bedroom Storage

Clothes, books, makeup, shoes - where should it all go? Functional storage is a master bedroom decor essential and you can find creative ways to make room for everything, even if there isn’t a huge celebrity style wardrobe available. Utilizing space beneath the bed is perfect for items that you don’t need often - a mattress foundation is an excellent solution with ample space to hide away extra so they don’t create overflow in the wardrobe. 

Bedroom Color

Color plays a crucial role in master bedroom decor. The right colors can set a mood for romance and also better sleep. Specific colors such as bright reds, yellows, and black are not the best choice for quality sleep as they can create a vibe that isn’t relaxing.

Neutral bedroom colors are perfect for that his and her feel. Using the best bedroom colors such as white, gray, light blue, and beige also - think soft, cozy, and comfortable- hits the right balance between style and tranquility


If a bedroom feels as good as it looks - you know you’ve created a successful master bedroom layout. Comfort is key, and to achieve optimal comfort, they are a few bedroom products that you need to get right. A quality mattress is the most essential piece of bedroom furniture to invest in.

The best mattress will take care of your back, help you sleep better, and minimize partner disruptions throughout the night. Partner disturbance is one of the main reasons couples lose precious hours of sleep so when it’s time to go mattress shopping, keep an eye out for mattresses with motion isolation. The best mattresses with motion isolation will keep the bed perfectly still, even if your partner moves around!

Keep It Comfy

Before you go all out buying new furniture and paint colors, take a step back and ask yourself if the comfort needs of you and your partner have been taken care of.

Master bedroom decor plays such a crucial role in health and well-being. Our essential advice is to always start with the best mattress because we all know that well-rested couples are happy couples!

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