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How to Clean a Mattress And How Often You Should Do It

How to Clean a Mattress And How Often You Should Do It

Mattress feeling a little squishy and gross? Don’t be too surprised - your mattress is the most used piece of furniture you will ever have. Most people can’t remember the last time they gave their mattress a clean, or even how to clean a mattress in the first place!

While it’s easy to overlook the health of a mattress, you might not realize that dirt and grime that can accumulate in the bed and have a huge impact on sleep quality, as well as air quality in the bedroom.

But how do you know if a mattress needs cleaning and how do you clean a mattress at home?

If you want to know the best way to clean a mattress, we’re covering everything from natural mattress cleaning remedies, to using household cleaners, and the best options for professional mattress cleaning.

We’ll also help you identify whether it’s time to clean it or replace it all together and upgrade to the best mattress.

How To Clean A Mattress At Home

How to Clean a Mattress?

It's likely that the mattress you sleep on was a significant investment. No one wants to spend extra money on cleaning a mattress - especially if there are easy ways to do it at home. If taken care of, even the best luxury mattresses should last at least 7 years, the best mattress brands will last for more. However, if it’s not a quality mattress, then chances are it won’t last the test of time.

Have you ever wondered why your mattress starts to feel heavier the longer you have it? Certain mattresses, such as traditional spring mattresses, tend to trap dust and grime between the layers. Some really low quality mattresses can even triple in weight due to the collection of dirt.

This can be a really bad thing for your sleep experience, as well as your airways. Sleeping on dust and dirt can have a negative impact upon the health of your lungs.

So it’s not only important to clean away spills from your mattress to keep it looking fresh from the outside, also consider how clean your mattress is between the layers. If it’s heavy and full of dust, it might be the perfect time to consider a mattress upgrade. When you’re learning how to clean a mattress at home - these quick tips will take away the guesswork. 

Natural Ways to Clean a Mattress

When it’s that mattress-cleaning time of year, most people look for natural mattress cleaning solutions. Certain mattress stains don’t need expensive and toxic cleaning products. Water and white vinegar are commonly used to clean mattress stains such as vomit and dried blood. For spot cleaning, a mixture of baking soda, salt and water can help quickly and easily remove mattress stains from the mattress cover.

For deep cleaning, using the upholstery attachment on a vacuum cleaner is a great way to remove dust that can get trapped between the layers. Once you’ve mastered the art of how to clean a mattress, you start to really see the difference a fresh mattress makes to your sleep. 

Using Household Cleaners to Clean a Mattress

Household cleaning products can provide better results than natural cleaning products if stains are deep. Dish soap and hydrogen peroxide are two of the best cleaners for mattress stains.

Most people turn to a combination of hydrogen peroxide, salt, and dishwashing soap when searching how to clean pee out of a mattress. This combination is a highly effective way to clean urine from mattresses - a common challenge among young kids who can have an accident or two during the night. 

Professional Ways to Clean a Mattress

Professional ways to clean a mattress

Tried the at-home mattress cleaning remedies, but want someone else to do it for you? Even if you know how to clean a mattress, maybe you just don’t have the time. You have a few options when it comes to professional mattress cleaning. Buy or hire deep cleaning mattress vacuums cleaners and steamers online or in-store.

When you’re strapped for time and want the convenience of someone taking care of the hard work for you, there are many professional mattress cleaning specialists who can help you make your mattress look brand new again.

If you choose to go down this route, ensure the mattress is completely dry before you reapply bedding. 

How to Deodorize a Mattress

Hot sleepers who sweat throughout the night, in particular, are often looking for ways to deodorize the mattress so it doesn't retain smells of sweat and dust. Most how to clean a mattress tutorials forget about the scent of the mattress.

Nobody, and we mean nobody wants their mattress to smell like a gym bag, mothball, or detergent. The trick to keeping your mattress smelling fresh all year round is to use natural, long lasting freshers, that won’t disturb your sinuses at bedtime.

The biggest mistake people tend to make when trying to make the mattress smell nice is to spray it with heavy perfumes and deodorant that are meant for skin, not mattresses! These artificial smells don’t last as long and they can disrupt the sleep cycle.

Next time you are wondering how to clean a mattress and fresh the smell, 15 to 20 drops of essential oils can provide a nice natural scent that’s long lasting! The best thing is, essential oils are also beneficial for sleep. They can help calm the mind and body for deep and restful sleep.

How Often Should You Clean A Mattress?

So you’re up to speed with how to clean a mattress, but how often should you do it? Depending on the age and style of your bed, it’s good to check in with the state of your mattress every 3 months. Spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid long term stains that can be difficult to remove down the track.

While everyone wants to sleep on a fresh mattress, sometimes no matter how often you clean an old bed, it might still not help you sleep better and healthier. This is because the construction of old mattresses can deteriorate rapidly doing more harm than good to your back! Not all mattress brands are designed to last the test of time!

If your mattress is heavy, sagging, and folding at the edges, it is a pretty clear sign that you’re due for a mattress upgrade. Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support your body can put unnecessary strain on muscles and joints and force you to wake up in pain every morning.

The importance of getting a high quality mattress is huge because people who sleep better live healthier and happier lives!

Best Mattresses That Stay Clean & Comfy

Best Mattresses That Stay Clean & Comfy

By now you know that some mattresses are easier to keep clean than others. Most old mattresses were designed without features such as stain resistant and zip-n-wash covers like the Puffy mattress range. These essential features will ensure you’ll never wonder how to clean a mattress again.

When our product development teams set out to reimagine the sleep experience, keeping the mattress fresh and clean throughout the year was one of many key considerations in the design process.

All Puffy Mattresses have Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified covers that can be easily unzipped and washed at home. This independent certification process ensures materials used do not contain harmful chemicals that may impact healthy sleep - which is important if you’re looking for luxurious sleep you can feel good about.

Everyone wants a bed that’s going to stand the test for time. Having a clean and dust-free mattress plays a huge part in how long your mattress will last. Avoid traditional spring mattresses and latex mattresses as they tend to trap dirt within the coils and can be close to impossible to clean.

Hybrid mattresses and memory foam mattresses are much better at repelling dust and allergens away. Checking out online mattress reviews is the best way to compare mattress features and benefits to find one that’s perfect!


If you’ve tried every guide that breaks down how to clean a mattress, and your bed is still looking lacklustre, it’s a clear time for an upgrade. Don’t risk getting second rate sleep.

Upgrade to the best mattress of 2021 and start getting the dreamiest sleep ever. Read over 8,000 mattress reviews and see why the Puffy is voted best.