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How Wide Is A King Bed? Everything You Need To Know About The Size

How Wide Is A King Bed? Everything You Need To Know About The Size

How Wide Is A King Bed? Everything You Need To Know About The Size

When we think of a king bed, we imagine a luxurious grand bed that’s showcased in a big bedroom. And it’s true, king beds are large, but how wide is a king bed? A king bed is wide enough to carry two adults and a child or a large pet. If you’ve got the space, upgrading to a king size bed is guaranteed to give you the best sleep ever.

Enjoy spacious comfort and shift between multiple positions all night without worrying about disturbing your partner’s sleep. Additionally, if your partner snores loudly or tosses and turns a lot - a larger bed size will fix this problem because you’ll both have a generous amount of space to sleep.

King Bed Dimensions

King Bed Dimensions | Puffy

A king size mattress is one of the largest mattress sizes on the market; it is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. King beds are suitable for spacious master bedrooms or open floor spaces - the room size should at least be 12 x 12 feet. It is important to take the dimensions of your room before getting a king bed to ensure you have enough space for it. This mattress size will comfortably accommodate two adults and provide them with a good amount of personal space. It is ideal for sleepers that move a lot or like to sprawl while sleeping.

If you don’t have the space for a king bed, you can consider a queen bed, which is 16 inches narrower, but the same length as a king size. A queen size mattress is the most common mattress size in America and is commonly used among couples.

Additionally, if you place two Twin XL mattresses together, it’ll be the same size as a king, which is also known as a split king size mattress. Split king mattresses are used for couples that have different comfort and firmness preferences. For example, you may like a medium-firm mattress while your partner prefers an ultra-plush mattress - in comes a split king mattress! They are also used for adjustable bed bases, where each person has control of one-half of the base and can customize their comfort accordingly.

King Vs. California King Bed: What Is The Difference?

King Vs. California King Bed: What Is The Difference? | Puffy

A California king bed is a type of king size bed, but it differs in dimensions from a standard king size. A California king mattress is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, which is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a king size. The Cal king size is typically for tall sleepers, especially those that are taller than 6 feet.

It is also more suitable if the room is narrower, so greater in length than width. Similar to a king, this size can accommodate two adults and a child. However, the largest bed size on the market is actually the Alaskan king bed, which is 108 inches by 108 inches. But this size is rarely used in homes for its overlarge size.

Puffy’s King Size Mattresses

Puffy’s King Size Mattresses | Puffy

There are many types of king size mattresses, it can be a memory foam, innerspring, latex, or hybrid mattress. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are the most popular types because of their various benefits like durability, proper support, comfort, and level of firmness. Puffy mattresses are available in all sizes and they all include a 101-night sleep trial so you can test it out in your home to decide if it’s for you.

All of the mattresses come with a hypoallergenic, stain-resistant cover that protects your mattress against allergens, dust mites, insects, or dust, which can all trigger allergies and disturb your sleep. Your mattress will stay fresh for years to come!

Puffy Mattress

Our original memory foam mattress consists of a 5-layer sleep system that is perfect for all sleeper types. This all-foam option contours to your body as you sleep and offers cozy comfort and support. It offers the perfect level of firmness with a medium-firm feel, which makes it great for motion isolation so you can easily sleep without interruptions. Other features include cooling and temperature regulation to avoid overheating at night.

Puffy Lux Hybrid

This luxurious hybrid mattress combines high-density memory foam and a contour-adapting coil base. These layers work together to promote extra stability, support, and pressure relief - this is the recommended choice for those who suffer from back pain. It also includes a cooling gel-infused layer and climate control to prevent night sweats and help you sleep cooler. This is a great option to consider for hot sleepers!

Puffy Royal Hybrid

Nothing says ultimate comfort like the Puffy Royal Hybrid, our softest mattress has an ultra-plush feel that’ll make you think you’re sleeping on a cloud. Consisting of a 10-layer innovative sleep system, this soft mattress offers zoned full-body support, advanced cooling, and body-adaptive contouring. By targeting 5 zones, it provides ergonomic comfort to the back and hips, and a softer plush feel under the shoulders and legs.


Do two twin beds make a king?

Two twin beds do not make a king bed. A king bed is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long while a twin is 38 inches by 75 inches. A king is 5 inches longer than a twin, however, two twin XL beds make a king because a twin XL is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. Two twin XL mattresses together make a split king mattress.

What room size can a king bed fit in?

A king is a large bed so the recommended room size is 12 x12 feet. However, this may still be a snug fit if you plan on placing nightstands beside the bed. In this case, a larger size of up to 13 feet by 15 feet will be better.

Is a California king bigger than a king?

A California king is slightly longer and narrower than a king bed. A king bed is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long while a California king is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. A California king is more suitable for narrow rooms that are great in length, this bed type is specific for tall sleepers that are taller than 6 feet.

Conclusion: Which Bed Size Is The Best For Me?

A king bed is a great option for two people in a large bedroom, but if you’re just one person then maybe you should consider a smaller size like a twin, twin XL, or full bed. For a couple, a queen, king, or Cal King size are all good choices. Defining which bed size is right for you will depend on the number of sleepers, the room size, and your budget.

If you have a small room, a king bed will only tighten your space and make it hard to navigate in the room. King bed frames and accessories, like pillows and sheets, are also more expensive than queen bed accessories, so this is something you’ll have to factor into your budget.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

If you’re hesitant about getting a king bed, this mattress size and dimensions guide displays other mattress sizes that may fit your needs better. Alternatively, you can always try it out! Puffy’s 101-night trial gives you the chance to toss, turn, and sleep to your heart’s delight until you decide the mattress is right for you.

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