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13 Mens Bedroom Ideas for a Modern Style

When designing a man’s bedroom, it is important to find the perfect balance between masculinity and comfort. The bedroom is the most important room in a home, it is your personal sanctuary where you relax and unwind at the end of the day. As a result, it needs to be a room you love being in. We’ve put together our favorite mens bedroom ideas to help you design a space where you’d feel invited and want to loosen up.

With these tips, you’ll confidently be able to pick out wall colors, add decor pieces, and personalize your bedroom.

1. Use Rich, Dark, or Moody Colors

Some of the most popular mens bedroom ideas use dark colors such as black, charcoal gray, and dark blue. In order to prevent the room from becoming too gloomy, consider incorporating other lighter colors in your moody decor scheme.

For example, if your walls are colored black, try to add white wall shelves to brighten your space. Dark colors such as navy blue or wine red usually pair well with light gray tones. Otherwise, you can use these dark colors as accents in your room, like having a dark wooden floor or a gray wardrobe.

Use Rich, Dark, or Moody Colors | Puffy

Dark colors are more suitable for rooms with a lot of natural lighting, it makes a room look spacious and larger. If your room size is small, maybe only use these colors for accent pieces.

2. Use a Monochromatic Black & White Palette

One of the most popular trends for mens bedrooms is using a black and white scheme with the combination of both colors makes a room look sophisticated and contemporary. However, if you overdo it or don’t add a pop of color, it can also make a room feel bare and cold.

There are many ways to make a black & white room feel warmer. You can add natural elements to the room like plants, light-wood flooring, or incorporate wooden furniture.

Use a Monochromatic Black & White Palette | Puffy

Alternatively, you can consider using soft pastel colors such as baby blue or mint green as an accent color for pillows or a bed throw..

3. Use Neutral Colors for a Modern Feel

In mens bedroom ideas, gray has always been a dominant color. The reason for its popularity is because it works very well with other colors. For example, it can be used with a black and white palette, with warmer colors such as orange, or with wooden textures for a rustic design.

For a masculine bedroom, gray can also be used for linens, curtains, or decor accessories.

Use Neutral Colors for a Modern Feel | Puffy

Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and beige are often used together in masculine bedrooms. These colors create a serene and welcoming atmosphere that’ll help you relax - not a stimulating one that’ll make you anxious.

4. Use Warm Tones for a Rustic Style

Mens room ideas with a rustic design usually feature neutral colors, a brick wall, or wooden paneling. Alternatively, you can use warm tones like muted red or burnt orange and pair it with weathered wooden furniture with clean lines.

Reclaimed wood is widely used in rustic masculine bedrooms. If you can’t use this material for a wall, consider using it for a bedside table, bench, or headboard.

Use Warm Tones for a Rustic Style | Puffy

If you’d prefer neutral tones, then opt for a white-washed wooden accent wall instead. You can also give a rustic feel to a bedroom by using decorative accents like a vintage sign or horseshoe decor.

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5. Use Earthy Colors for Tranquility

Nothing says manly like embracing the colors of nature! Another crowd-pleaser that we often find in masculine bedrooms is blue. Ideally, using tones like charcoal gray, sage green, and smoky blue will give you the soothing and grounding effect you’re after. You can also use different hues of these colors to create a cohesive bedroom color palette

Pairing natural products with earthy colors like a leather chair, leafy houseplants, or wood furniture, will give it a sense of nature and make your space feel cozy.

Use Earthy Colors for Tranquility | Puffy

6. Use the Headboard as a Focal Point

The bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom, but the headboard is the visual anchor that brings the whole room together. Everything from the headboard’s patterns, size, color, and construct can make a huge difference in the bedroom’s design.

For a masculine bedroom, you can consider a floor-to-ceiling wood panel headboard for a cave-like effect or a modern upholstered bed frame for a clean and simple design.

Use the Headboard as a Focal Point | Puffy

Furthermore, you can use a headboard to bring pattern and color into your bedroom, especially if you’re using muted colors or a neutral color palette. A key feature in mens bedrooms is combining style and functionality. As a result, a great idea to look into is using a headboard with storage compartments or shelves. You can add decor pieces like plants or books onto shelves or use compartments for storage.

7. Get a Platform Storage Bed

Usually, men don’t like cluttered spaces so platform beds are an ideal solution that works as a statement piece and offers extra storage space. Platform beds come in many designs and variations, some may include storage compartments, drawers, or shelves. You can use a platform storage bed to store towels, linens, books, shoes, and more.

These beds are great for open spaces or spacious bedrooms but may be too big for small bedrooms. For a small bedroom, consider getting creative with the headboard and optimizing it for storage.

Get a Platform Storage Bed | Puffy

8. Pendants Instead of Bedside Lamps

Another way to declutter your bedroom is to get rid of the bedside lamps and replace them with modern pendant lights. This adds elegance and will create symmetrical balance in your room. Additionally, it will give you more space on your bedside table.

If your room is small, you can get rid of the bedside tables completely. This will minimize visual clutter and expand your floor space, making the room appear more spacious. Pendants are a modern

Pendants Instead of Bedside Lamps | Puffy

element that’ll make your bedroom feel more like a fancy hotel room. If pendants are too bulky for your space, we suggest looking into built-in headboard lights or wall-mounted lights.

9. Upgrade Your Bedroom to a Hotel-like Room

We all look forward to staying in hotels because of the classic decor and luxurious beddings, like the cloud-like pillows and silky-soft bed sheets - what’s not to love? Well, you can turn your bedroom into something you love just as much. Paneling on walls, also known as wainscoting, is a well-known method to make a room look grand and elegant. Afterward, pair this wall design with a four-poster bed or an upholstered bed frame for a hotel-like vibe.

Upgrade Your Bedroom to a Hotel-like Room | Puffy

But the key factor that makes us fall in love with hotels is how soft and comfortable the bed is. You need to upgrade your sleeping experience so that you’ll get a great night’s sleep throughout the year, not just on holidays. Splurge on the best mattress, velvety bamboo bed sheets, and ultra-plush pillows for better sleep. This is an investment that will improve your sleep quality and ensure your bed is always comfortable.

10. Add Texture with Decorative Accents

Accents are decor pieces or small additions that can tie a room together as well as compliment your walls and furniture. It can be a bed throw, accent pillows, rug, artwork, or linens that add a pop color and texture to your bedroom. Accents can turn a bland and bare bedroom into a personalized and cozy one.

For mens bedroom ideas, eye-catching accents include an area rug, like an animal skin rug in a corner or a modern shag rug under the bed to sink your toes in when you get out of bed. 

Add Texture with Decorative Accents | Puffy

Area rugs come in a wide variety and can be used to add color, texture, and pattern to your bedroom. You can also adorn your bed with a faux fur blanket and throw pillows, which is a budget-friendly way to add color to your bedroom. Adding texture is a great way to decorate your room without cluttering it with random knick-knacks.

11. Create an Office Area

If your home office is in your bedroom because you’re tight on space, an efficient way to keep clutter to a minimum is by using multi-functional furniture. For example, instead of just using a desk while working, you can use it for storage as well or as a TV stand.

Take advantage of every piece of furniture in your room, every piece should have a practical function that’ll save you space - but will still look good.

Create an Office Area | Puffy

12. Keep It Simple

The most important factor to consider when thinking of mens bedroom ideas is to keep it simple. Minimalism is vital when creating a modern masculine bedroom. Expert designers recommend that the bedroom color scheme consist of two to three colors and decor pieces should be carefully curated and limited to a few items. For decor, consider adding a personal touch with an abstract painting, a houseplant, or your favorite books.

Keep It Simple | Puffy

Another trick to remember is to take inspiration from the artwork in your bedroom to define your accent color. This will ensure you stick to a simple concept and avoid colors clashing together.

13. Paint an Accent Wall

Whether it is paneled, painted, or wallpaper - one of the best mens bedroom ideas on a budget is creating an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall that is different than the other walls in pattern, color, or texture in your bedroom. It enhances any minimalist bedroom decor and can be used to make a room look larger, especially if the room is well-lit. An accent wall can be the focal point of the bedroom. In many mens bedrooms, it is usually behind the headboard emphasizing the bed.

Paint an Accent Wall | Puffy

Additionally, an accent wall can be a statement piece that will add texture and color to your bedroom. With a bold accent wall like a brick wall, for example, you won’t need to do much to decorate the room, because it’ll be the main visual attraction of the room.

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What to remember when designing men’s bedrooms?

Designing a man’s bedroom can be really easy if you have a vision in mind. For starters, pick one focal point in your room, it can be the bed, headboard, TV, or artwork - and start working around it. With these mens bedroom ideas, you can personalize your space with the things you love while keeping the room visually appealing and clutter-free  

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