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6 Bedroom Furniture Ideas To Personalize Your Space

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6 Bedroom Furniture Ideas To Personalize Your Space

A well-decorated bedroom can do more than you know for the quality of your sleep, how well-rested you feel, and even your mood. In fact, in one survey conducted by the Association for Psychological Science, researchers have found that the importance of a well-decorated bedroom can actually go beyond just aesthetics. Most people report their emotional well-being is influenced, and in some cases, regulated, by a room’s ambiance.

That’s why it’s so important to use bedroom furniture ideas that work not just for your space, but your lifestyle as well. Here is a list of smart bedroom ideas you can use to optimize your space while keeping your bedroom feeling cozy and inviting to you:

6 - Layer lighting to maintain a brighter mood

One of the most underrated ways to add instant coziness to your bedroom is lighting. Light is a very powerful way your brain can trigger sleep or focus, so adding different forms of lighting in your bedroom will leave you with a functional space.

Use warm and dim lighting for most of your bedroom, especially if you envision it being a space you only want to sleep and unwind in. If you’re working with a limited amount of space in your home, and your bedroom is also going to be an office space, then add designated ‘task lighting’ that you keep on only when you’re working.

If your bedroom receives a lot of natural light during the early hours of the day, your sleep cycle is susceptible to getting disrupted. To avoid this, it’s wise to invest in heavyset blackout curtains that will block out extra light.

5 - Give old bedroom furniture a new lease on life

For smart bedroom ideas that are actually going to work for you, something worth thinking about is how you can invest in bedroom furniture that’s truly multipurpose. For instance, a media unit can be transformed into a shelf. An old bar cart can work as a portable nightstand. Old mirrors can be strategically placed to increase natural light and create the illusion of space in your bedroom.

Working intelligently can help you come up with bedroom furniture ideas that actually make sense in your space. Take stock of the bedroom furniture you already have and how it can be repurposed into something with a lot more function. If you’re the type of person who enjoys the occasional DIY project, this can also be a fun exercise - turn an old rug into covers for a throw pillow, or use a worn-down quilt to create a dog bed for your pup.

4 - Get smart with your storage solutions

Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas

Once you have your bedroom set beautifully in the way you envisioned, it’s important that it stays that way - that’s where smart storage bedroom ideas come in. Storage solutions and bedroom hacks that keep things efficient will allow you to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and clarity in your space. Small bedroom decor can work functionally and are a bedroom basic that can help keep things efficient and minimal.

Bedroom organization ideas with storage as a priority can result in some pretty creative furniture ideas. Some headboards also come with built-in shelves or paneling that allows you to store books and other accessories above you as you sleep, without taking up too much additional space in your bedroom. Woven or embellished hampers also add a nice decorative touch to any space while still serving as an opportunity to store any clutter you may have lying around.

3 - Bedroom-come-offices that won’t hurt your sleep

The last year has changed the way we think about working from home, and one of the resulting side effects has included a lot of us bringing our work into bed with us. To maintain a high standard of sleep hygiene, it’s important to carve out a corner of your bedroom that’s comfortable enough for working without being on your bed.

Working on your bed can exacerbate back pain, and disrupt your sleep cycles. Home office organization in your bedroom can be tricky - focus on separating the two to optimize your rest and productivity.

Get a small work desk if you have the space for it in your bedroom, and make sure to include task lighting so that you’re able to stay focused when you want to be working through the night, and still feel tired enough to wind down when you’re going to bed.

Don’t have enough room for a work desk? Some bedroom furniture ideas include elevating your bed or using a lofted bed that allows you to fit a small work desk seamlessly underneath, making it easier for you to work.

2 - Frame your mattress with versatile style

Bed Frame | Bedroom Furniture Ideas

It’s unreasonable to expect your style to stay the same over the years. No matter how creative your bedroom furniture ideas seem, if you don’t have some core pieces that will work with a range of different decor styles, chances are you’ll spend more money than you’d like every time you rearrange your bedroom.

Bed frames are a great example of this - choose something that adapts to a wide variety of styles. Commonly used bed frames include:

  • Simple Frames - The most popular kind of bed frame for most modern bedroom decor styles, these bed frames often come without a headboard and have a focus on structure and utility instead. Aim to find something with an adjustable leg height in case you’d like to have the option of having extra storage under your bed.
  • Traditional Frames - Contemporary bed frames come with a headboard, and should adapt to your bedroom decor seamlessly. The Puffy Bed Frame has plush grey fabric that is scratch-resistant and adapts well to any style of bedroom decor and works great as a bedroom staple.
  • Luxurious Frames - For a totally luxurious feel to your sleep, nothing quite beats an adjustable bed frame. Most adjustable bed frames come with a range of features that make them comforting additions to any room. Massage zones, LED lighting, and customized positions mean you can keep your bed exactly the way you like it, experiencing an unparalleled night’s sleep.

Choose between three different options for bed frames, engineered with both design and comfort in mind.

1 - Invest in a mattress that’s made for you

Puffy Lux | Hybrid Mattress

It goes without saying that the bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll invest in. For bedroom furniture ideas that are meant to keep your space personalized to you, there’s no better place to start than with the bed. Investing in the best mattress for a good night’s sleep ensures you feel an actual difference in the quality of your sleep, and recover well from a day’s activity.

So how do you pick the best mattress for your bedroom? Think about why you’re struggling with a good night’s sleep. If you struggle with chronic back pain, for instance, you might be thinking of investing in a hybrid mattress that is able to provide pressure relief while still staying cozy. Are you a stuffy sleeper? Search for mattresses that have cooling qualities to maximize your chances of comfortable sleep.


Whether it’s your very first time setting up a bedroom, or you know you want to hit that reset button on your space, you can’t go wrong by investing in high-quality basics you know you can rely on. Your bedroom needs to be a space of comfort, one you can reliably escape to when it is time to relax.

Whether you’re simply brainstorming bedroom furniture ideas for your space, or you’re thinking about how to arrange your existing space, it pays to plan ahead. The right bedroom furniture ideas don’t just work functionally, they also feel personal to you and your needs. We spend a third of our lives asleep, and the bedroom remains the one space of our home where personal comfort is a top priority.

By investing in the best bed for your comfort, organizing storage solutions that allow you to get smart about space, and opting for warm lighting, you’re going to be left with a bedroom that feels cozy, comfortable, and truly yours. Start today - create a Pinterest board or Instagram album of bedroom furniture ideas and inspiration, and you’ll know what you need to look out for.

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