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Mattress in a Box Video Review By Camie Juan for Puffy Mattress

Mattress in a Box Video Review By Camie Juan for Puffy Mattress

Camie Juan is a Content Creator, Blogger, and Vlogger. She writes blog posts and vlogs on all things lifestyle and wellness. When she put her Puffy Mattress to the test, we were excited to find out what she thought!

"How you wake up determines how your day goes...this is the best mattress I’ve ever laid on". Camie Juan.

Watch Camie unpack and test out her Puffy Mattress:


Everything You Need To Know About The Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Mattress has a multi-layer design that has been formulated with DeepSleep technology to provide comfort and support you’ve never experienced before. Including a Cooling Cloud™ layer, the Puffy Mattress designed to ensure you enjoy sleep that is breathable, cooling, and pain-free.

1. Ease of Delivery & Set-Up

Camie and her fiance Gab moved into their new apartment knowing they wanted to invest in the most comfortable mattress they could find - and then they discovered Puffy. All Puffy Mattresses come with free delivery and are shipped between 1-3 days. From there, your mattress in a box simply needs to be unpacked onto your bed frame. It’ll puff up in no time, as Camie experienced.

2. Cooling Cloud™ Foam Guarantees A Good Night’s Sleep

Camie and Gab compare the sleep on a Puffy Mattress to the comfort and luxury of five-star hotels. Puffy's Climate Comfort™ layer is designed to prevent overheating by stabilizing any sudden changes in body temperature, keeping you cozy through the night.

3. 101-Night Sleep Trial For Extra Assurance

Camie and Gab tested their Puffy mattress for a whole week to make sure it really was the most comfortable mattress for the two of them. If you want some extra time, don’t sweat it - our 101-Night Sleep Trial means you can keep your mattress for more than three months and return it for a full refund if it just isn’t working for you.

"Feels Like Sleeping On A Giant Marshmallow". Camie Juan.

We’re so glad Camie and Gab love their new Puffy Mattress, and we like the way Gab puts it - ‘it feels like sleeping on a giant marshmallow, in the best way!”.

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